Topshop Topman Emporium

Why do we love Topshop? Because Topshop loves us. It was never really any secret that Topshop would be a smash hit amongst the Australian market when it first landed in Melbourne as a first port-of-call in about 2012. Since then, they’ve seen the benefit of having a hefty presence in one of the country’s […]

The ‘Men In This Town’ Book Launch

By Henry Ng.  A graphic designer by trade, Men In This Town author Giuseppe Santamaria started his street style journal (of the same name) in 2010 to capture men whose dress sense speaks volumes about who they are. The book is an extension of the digital journal and focuses on men in London, Tokyo, Sydney, […]

Mr. Porter’s gone fit

Gone are the days when no one gave a damn about how they looked at gym. It’s not the most flattering of things to do with your time, anyway. Gone are the days when we wore whatever we could find because we knew it’d become foul within an hour or two. Nowadays, it’s about style […]

The Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

With summer coming up in a couple of months, it’s time to get excited about boats, sailing, the beach and a good old fashion regatta. While there’s nothing I love more than the bourgeois use of the word ‘regatta’, especially with an old world English accent, there’s one taking place in the sunny, summery beauties of Hamilton […]

Les Misérables

It’s hard to not be absorbed into the enthralling spiral of depression that is the story of Les Misérables and despite just how bleak the story can be at times, the performance by a cast of some of Australia’s finest is every bit as good as the critics have claimed. From page to stage, the […]

The Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store

Complete with its own army of aptly named Pleasure Makers (not what you’re thinking), the well-known and loved Magnum ice-cream business has hit Melbourne with its latest and greatest initiative, the Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store. I was lucky and fortunate enough to experience the awesomeness first-hand in Melbourne at the city’s newest retail destination the Emporium […]

Molton Brown London: Caju & Lime

When you think of Brazil, it’s rare that the first thing to come to mind is skin care. However, you can’t escape the inherent colour, sounds, sights, smells and atmosphere that the image of the country plays with when you think of its famous cities and infectious enthusiasm. With their hosting of the 2014 soccer world […]

Driving the Ford Kuga

The perfect combination of puffy, cushiony comfort and enough guts to outrun the most slick of wank-mobiles, the Ford Kuga is – or was, that is to say – my new best friend. A testament to the idea that Ford hasn’t lost any of its gusto for making cars over the past decade or so, […]

Bikram Yoga for Men

It’s not often standing idly by will make you sweat as though you’ve just run a marathon. That is, until you walk into what feels like a 40-degree room in nothing but a modest pair of gym shorts and realise it’s quite possible and just as bizarre an experience as it sounds. Bikram yoga is […]

Le Creuset Melbourne

Its second store in Australia since making its debut in Sydney, Le Creuset has opened its doors in Melbourne’s newest retail offering, Emporium Melbourne. Allowing Australia to join the 70-plus countries around the world that sell the Le Creuset brand since its first store, Melbourne’s bigger, better, significantly brighter and impressively bolder outlet on the […]

QV Tropical Retreat

By Holly Thomas.  Melbourne winter is known to be pretty dire and can leave us seeking warmer climates around this time of year; luckily QV is on hand to offer a little bit of rest bite from this winter weather in the form of a Tropical Retreat. The Tropical Retreat is a beach themed resort sanctuary popped up […]

Are you going to be a World Cup widow?

This week sees the start of what for many people is the most exciting sports tournament in the world and you’d have had to be living under a rock for the past few months not to know that the FIFA World Cup is about to kick-off in Brazil. For soccer fans around the world it’s […]