Oscar Oscar’s August For Men

The first thing you notice about any Oscar Oscar salon is how stylish, clinical and luxurious they are. Coupled with the people who work there and the extensive list of services and products they offer in-salon, you know you’re in for a treat. Oscar Oscar is this August focusing on men and their male clientelle! […]

The Timothy Oulton Concept Store

Inspired by his colourful history and wide appreciation drawn from a multitude of different things, Timothy Oulton is one furniture designer whose eye for quality, quirk and sturdiness can’t be denied. Born of a family whose love for antiques and their look drove them, the Timothy Oulton furniture business is to this day a family owned business with […]

Faces of SKYY Vodka

Skyy Vodka was on the hunt for its new faces of the leading vodka brand recently. Read about it here. It has found them. Three girls hit the town, had their photo taken and won the right to be the face of Skyy vodka, proving that they live life full volume, seizing every opportunity that […]

Blogger files: Adam Gallagher, I Am Galla

One of NYC’s biggest menswear bloggers, Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla is a trendy stylist come blogger whose eye for what works together has shot him to international recognition. I got the chance to have a chat with Adam and briefly touch on the whole blogging gammet…   Why do you blog? I enjoy […]

New Collection: Et Al Menswear

Melbourne does one thing well: black. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with the culture of Melbourne and the fact that it’s more like the Motherland than any other place in the country (debatably). Regardless, one Melbourne-based fashion label that for a long time now has played to the strengths of Melbourne and its monochromatic ways […]

Navigate your music like a pro with Skullcandy

Taking sweetening up the sides of your head to the next level, the Skullcandy range of headphones is a super cool addition to any music lover’s wardrobe. Seriously. Their new range, the Navigator is similar to their previous version, the Aviator, just kicked-up a notch. The difference that separates these from the last is the […]

Model Files: Reece Carter, Giant Management

Male modelling is a career for the formidable of character, typically hot and with-positive attitude men whose opinions of themselves and their industry is professional, poised and presentable at all (most) times. I had a chat with Reece Carter from Giant Model Management, who let me into his thoughts on how it all goes down… Why modelling? […]

Keep your Deeds Quiet and your ciders cold

Australians know alcohol. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen, but when you have as much success with as many entrepreneurs in the industry as we as a nation do, who cares? Patrick Ale and David Milstein are two such Australians whose ingenuity and knack for alcohol, importing it and now […]

Bacchus Bar Restaurant & Pool, Brisbane

A foodie’s heaven-on-earth and the stylish living addict’s home away from home, Brisbane’s latest addition to its restaurant and entertainment scene is the Bacchus Bar and Restaurant in the city’s funkiest area, South Bank. Remarkably similar to Melbourne’ own area by the same name, Brisbane’s food and restaurant scene there is unsurpassed the city over, so […]

The LG Tab Book and Ultrabook

Tablet computers just keep getting cooler and cooler. Recently LG unveiled its latest additions to its busting arsenal of electronic goods: two new Hybrid PC products; the Z160 and H160 Tab-Book, and the Z360 Ultrabook. According to LG, computer users are always on the hunt for innovative ways to view and consume while on the go. To address this, […]

(Closed) GIVEAWAY: ladies’ kaftan

By drawing on their combined fashion and beauty backgrounds, 21-year-old Jade, a professional make-up artist, stylist and mobile spray tanner and 19-year-old Amber, a graphic designer and part-time model, the sisters under the guidance of their business partner launched a range of kaftans, perfect for the summer loving Australian girl. Their name? KafTanned. For those […]

The Luke Mangan Headquarters

It’s no lie that Sydney is a foodie, entertainment hub of excitement and happening that attracts the attention of some of Australia’s most recognised faces. Waterloo is one of Sydney’s little gems of an area, which recently played host to the opening of one of it newest restaurant additions, the Luke Mangan Headquarters by none […]