American Crew Review: Classic 2

American Crew’s mission in life is to bring fine hair care to men through their carefully targeted products and love for men’s hair globally. Through their research of and advancement in anything men’s hair-related, they’re forging the way in men’s hair care and styling, while doing their best to bring back the pride men once had […]

American Crew Review: Classic 1

Men rejoice! All you’ve ever wanted, needed, thought of wanting or needing or otherwise abounds in salons dotted all over our fine country. What is it? American Crew. After the 80s and 90s, the old time ‘barber shop’ disappeared into the recesses of society and was overtaken by hair salons catering primarily and often exclusively to […]

Mr. Porter’s Journal

Mr. Porter has rapidly become the world’s go-to of men’s fashion and style. Their Journal is a nice little injection of savvy editorial with some pretty awesome names who have shown or show a nice sense of style, humour, an interesting something to tell a story about or just worth a read. The Journal’s most […]

The UE BOOM: best thing for wireless music since wireless

For those who see music as life, not just a lifestyle, the UE Boom is your saving grace. Actually the coolest little addition to my collection of home decor-like life-enhancers, the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom wireless speaker is a subtle to look at, but not subtle to listen to music device that packs as much of a […]

Blunt Umbrellas

So it’s December and Australia overall is to-ing and fro-ing about how it’s going to be: sunny, overcast, hot, cold; there’s no one consensus yet. I thought it might make sense to showcase a bit of design ingenuity and creativity with a practical element that I can’t even fathom didn’t exist before . Meet Blunt Umbrellas, […]

Zucca Rossa

While none of what we experienced at its official friendly welcoming night reflective of a red pumpkin, the di italiano atmosphere of the place, enhanced by its menu, made for a foodie’s sweet dream and the name Zucca Rossa make that little more sense. A favourite restauranteur of mine who once owned a jewel in the city’s […]

World Wide Wardrobe

When someone offers you an easier way to shop across the globe without leaving your house and a saving of around 80% per piece, you don’t say no. Ella Rodgers is an Australian house Mum whose love for clothes and enthusiasm for the thrill of the chase has led her to publishing her own book, World Wide Wardrobe.  […]

NiAlma Custom Shirting

It’s definitely something that’s become increasingly in vogue for men lately, the trend toward custom shirting. There are seemingly hundreds of options available in Melbourne and Australia alone that offer men the choice of custom shirting vs. store-bought; and there’s no surprise as to who they’re leaning more towards. Having the option of fabric, colour, style, fit […]

Zayn undies

Support where it counts, quality fabrics and a killer fit that you know won’t give way after a day’s running around are what makes Australian underwear label Zayn so wearable. Entrepreneurial Jarryd Haefele has stepped-up to the plate to create a brand that no only makes undies, but makes them well, so you can’t help but pay attention – […]

DJs food events

By Holly Thomas.  Tucked away in the basement dwellings of department store David Jones lays David Jones’ spectacular food hall. With wall to wall fresh delis selling everything from chocolate coated strawberries to succulent pieces of meat and an amazing pantry section full of jarred goods, it seemed only fitting to host various talk and […]

Take me to Peru

There’s always been something about Latin America that I’ve found alluring. I doubt I’m alone. From the mysterious nature and undiscovered world of the Amazon to the mystic and mysterious hills of the east, the South American slab of the world is something that every Australian should jump ship to, if only for a time. […]

American Crew All Stars Challenge

In American Crew hair’s night of nights, the All Stars Awards night took place in Melbourne’s Docklands, celebrating over 50 men’s hair style entries from as many hair stylists from nearly as many hair salons all around the country – a massive operation. American Crew celebrated the nation’s most talented men’s hair stylists and latest looks […]