Almost Naked Models ride a Water Slide

Nude models plus water. General Pants recently thought it’d be a good idea to combine the two in a new contemporary interpretation of what it means to hold a runway show of new season swimwear released in stores this month. With DJ Andy Murphy doing his thing, male and female models took to the slide… […]

Friday Nights is back for The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

The National Gallery of Victoria will be the only Australian venue for The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibition, which this October will launch itself into the gallery, showing some of the designer’s finest work. The exhibition will feature more than 140 superbly crafted garments, in addition to photographs, sketches, […]

So who is ‘Boohoo’?

There’s this one guy who works at Boohoo by the name of Shane Chin. He’s the senior menswear designer at Boohoo and is a fella who has kicked goals since joining its ranks. He’s working hard to reinvent the perception of fashion and style we all tend to have in the backs of our minds […]

Spring Racing taking us to Germany

Never before have I wanted to strap on my lieterhosen and slap my thighs quite as hard until now, when I discovered that this year’s Emirates Marquee theme at the birdcage is based on Germany. Playing on the cultural diversity of Germany and amping-up the fairy-tale influence of the country thanks to its ancient castles and […]

Melbourne, Paris or Provence?

Who needs to go to France when you get the best bits in Melbourne? As nice as that would be to say permanently, it’s a bit of a transient thing this November with the fifth year return of the President Cheese Paris to Provence Festival taking place at Como House, celebrating all the good things […]

Great Dane moves to Sydney

By Claudia Wood.  It’s easy to spot the Great Dane showroom in Sydney: the glistening floor to ceiling windows at the shop front are bursting with light, illuminating a world of Scandinavian luxury. You can’t help but be impressed as your draw closer to the refurbished showroom and are met by two stoic and elegant, […]

Finding inner peace at Kaya Health Clubs

You’ve never felt so much peace and good health at a bowling alley until you’ve entered Kaya Health Clubs on Chapel Street, Melbourne. Well… That is, at least, what used to be a bowling alley. Since taking it over just under two years ago, they have gutted it, renovated and turned it into a dark, warm and welcoming health […]

Matcho Suba: just add wine

By Holly Thomas. The first day of spring rained down on the Arts Centre and in true Melbourne fashion, the weather was as unpredictable as ever. Despite the wet weather, Yarrabank in conjunction with the Arts Centre Melbourne and Melburnian fashion designer Matcho Suba pulled out all of the stops with a feast for both […]

Sydney’s New Balance Experience Store

By Michael Briones.  It became a surprise to find that global brand New Balance did not have a shop set up in the city of Sydney – a sports brand who have released classic and timeless sportswear, casualwear and footwear over the past several decades. Last week New Balance finally opened and launched their first […]

An unlikely combination: Akira X Suntory Whisky

Whisky is the last thing you think of – alcohol, yes; specifically whisky, no – when you think of fashion retail. That is until you look at a recent collaboration between designers and a renowned alcohol business. With the whole push toward traditional sensibilities that seems to be taking over and the infatuation we’ve all […]

Johnnie Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee Event

Just before spring sprung, Sydney hosted a soiree of epic proportions to celebrate many of the city’s inhabitants’ favourite pastime: drinking. They celebrated it with one of the only staples a gentlemanly gentleman should have in his wide array of finely aged whiskies; Johnnie Walker Diamond Scotch Whiskey; and in the presence of Johnnie Walker & […]

Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Two words: alcohol and skin care. Two things my father can’t live without and in reality, needs more than anything. With the dawn of Father’s Day so immediately upon us, now’s the time to open our wallets and shower the old man in things he wants, needs or otherwise to show how much money we’re […]