Alfredo Gonzales meets MINI

By Holly Thomas.  Alfredo Gonzales, the man the myth the legend… The motto is “Good Life Gonzales Life”, the product is lifestyle socks and boy does he do it well. The idea of the lifestyle sock is just exactly that, socks for everyone, for every walk of life with the range modelled by hipsters to […]

The Glasshouse, QV

By Holly Thomas.  The sun shone brightly down on the QV Glasshouse for a perfectly stunning spring event as part of QV Melbourne’s Spring Uncovered festival. Hosted by Nova 100’s Lauren Brain and showcasing some beautiful evening gowns from Jason Grech, QV launched the start of spring in a beautifully decadent and very Olde – […]

Blogger profiles: Luc Wiesman, D’Marge

Why do you blog? I blog because blogging is a more personal and informal form of journalism. How I write is actually not journalism at all. For me, blogging is about writing in a way which helps men (and women) understand more about style and fashion without being elitist. High fashion scares a lot of […]

Smesh Style Menswear

Known for showcasing some of the best from collations designers overseas have worked tirelessly on, Smesh Style is a relatively new online retail venture by two Melbourne boys whose eye for style drives every decision they make. Smesh Style offers a great array of emerging and independent designer’s work that offer a street cool slant […]

The Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Female Awards

I am no feminist, but I can totally appreciate the effortful work the women of today put into the work they do, both professionally and for equal opportunity. This is why, when it comes to things like the Cosmopolitan Magazine‘s Fun, Fearless, Female Awards, I hoist my lady bits up and get a little rowdy […]

The Fashionable Cocktail

Jane Rocca is no stranger to the written word. A prominent Melbourne-based fashion and music writer, her repertoire has expanded to that of the cocktail as she recently launched herself into the highest echelons of cocktail mastery and merriment. The Fashionable Cocktail is the third in her line of books by Jane Rocca, as she […]

Coffee + Fashion = Vittoria

Everything about fashion revolves around design. That’s what makes it such a skill. And up until now, a skill whose limits bore really nothing in line with that of a designer was the barista. But, look out your window this Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and you’ll see coffee folks making their wares in the limited […]

Stacks Taverna, Sydney

By Henry Ng. Stacks Taverna is a contemporary style restaurant serving a modern blend of Mediterranean and Australian cuisines. Located in Sydney’s newest and most vibrant community precinct, the venue also has a bar that boosts a wide selection of beers, refreshing cocktails and an international wine list. The menu, like the alcohol list, is […]

Blogger profiles: Emily Collie, Melbourne Girl

Why do you blog? HI, MY NAME IS EMILY AND I’M A FASHIONHOLIC! Currently, I am supporting my fashion addiction as Editor of website, Melbourne Girl. I pursue my vigour for fashion blogging at every minute of the day I can squeeze in, because I love everything fashion & style. How did you start? My […]

The VanDutch 55 Luxury Yacht

I secretly love boats. It’s kind of my  – now not so much – hidden fetish. I suppose there’s something about the nobility and mystery of the sea and the majesty and sheer, sheer opulence of some of the finest marine crafts the oceans and cities of the world have ever seen. Admittedly though, I […]

Heineken Dropped – Making Heroes

This post brought to you by Heineken. All opinions are 100% mine. Legends aren’t born, they’re Dropped. The catch cry of Heineken’s latest social experiment they’ve taken to the world to showcase the lengths people go to, to achieve the end goal. What is that goal exactly? To get home. From where? Wherever the Roulette tells […]

Model files: Alexander Borst

Coming from Tasmania, Alex Borst has hit all sorts of heights in his personal and professional development as a model that have led him around the world to live and work in heaps of different environments with heaps of different people. A demanding career move, he says modelling has opened him up to experiences he’ll […]