Keep your home safe from anywhere in the world with the Ring doorbell

Front door of home

Once upon a time, you used to leave your home with the door locked, lights on timers and windows locked as best they would. That was meant to deter the unscrupulous from breaking in and helping themselves to your personal bits. Fast forward some 20 years and you’ve now got tools to bolster the locked […]

4 lighting options you should consider to enhance your property in 2017

Modern house illuminated at night

Consider giving your interior a makeover by redesigning the lighting layout throughout your property. Introducing different lighting colours, brightness and spectrum angles can really change the ambiance of your room. Here a few lighting design options that you should consider in 2017. EVA LED light If you want more flexibility with your lighting options without […]

Pipes and plumbing: what the noises in your pipes are telling you

Modern bathroom detail

Are your pipes making odd noises? If so, this could mean that there is something wrong with your plumbing. Of course, plumbing makes noises all of the time, but there are some sounds that should cause greater concern than others. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the common plumbing noises […]

5 genius ways to weatherproof your home

Modern house with large patio and swimming pool

Preparing your home for any extremes in weather is a great way to increase the energy efficiency in your home and simultaneously decrease your bills. Sometimes, it’s not the best option to keep the freezing air con or the energy-sucking heater running all day long. We’ve compiled 5 genius ways that you can weatherproof your […]

Design-savvy ideas to bring more light into your home

Modern house illuminated at night

Using less energy for heating, cooling and lighting your home is not only beneficial for your wallet, but it is constructive for the environment as well. With the depletion of natural resources, global warming and the ever-rising costs of bills, it’s time we started to think about natural ways to bring more light into your […]

Why you need professional help in your renovation projects

Kitchen under construction during remodel

  Owning a home is a rewarding experience but it comes with its set of challenges. With time, your home needs renovations and repairs in order to eliminate any nonfunctional entities and more importantly, to suit your ever changing needs and lifestyle.   As important as it is to understand that your home will need […]

Kit Neale Has Joined IKEA For Their New Collaboration, SPRIDD

  Some institutions have so gripped our hearts, we don’t know how we lived and loved, stalked our future spouses, paid online for countless pairs of shoes and had a good nights rest without them. IKEA, having been plucked from Valhalla is one such indispensable institution. Ikea, the great, giant, ‘oh my gosh, I am […]

The One Reason Brisbane Is Better Than Sydney

If the new West Village Brisbane development has anything to do with it…

Dyson Is Cleaning Up Its Act One Bladeless Fan At A Time

Dyson are THE people to go to when you want quality tech for the home, office or any space that revolutionises the way you live at every point. They pioneered the blameless fan, changed lives with bagless and self-righting vacuuming and have kept the magic going lately with cordless vacuuming technology. However, it’s their latest […]

See Inside The Block 2016!

The Block is still charging ahead as being one of the country’s most popular TV shows and the drama? No one can get enough! But it’s what lies inside the homes that is the real kicker of watching the show, most of which when combined in the final reveal sell for millions of dollars to […]

In The Market For A Rug? Designer Rugs Has You Covered

There’s nothing more drab than an interior that is lacking; nothing more unwelcoming than the icy cold recess of a space that is without its floor covering and nothing that looks more naked than an un-rugged floor. That’s where these guys, Designer Rugs (original name, yes) come in, servicing your every need with their pleasingly […]

How To Properly Light Any Room

How to light a room

The right lighting can make or break a room. Here’s how to get it right…