American Crew’s ‘Independent’ Collection

Showcasing classic, vintage looks, American Crew is back in 2014 to show off a collection of three key haircuts with different styling options. Playing with the trends that came and went during the 20s to the 90s, the American Crew Independent Colleciton will give us a bit of a snapshot of each era through its […]

Organic Skincare for men; no Bull

What you smear on your face depends very much on what type of skin you have.  Whether it’s loaded with chemicals that actively do something to make your skin better, or softened with organic ingredients to maintain what you’ve got; it’s entirely up to the user. I gave Bulldog skin care’s range a trial run […]

Our Place, the cosier cutters

You walk through the front door onto beautifully polished floorboards right in the centre of the salon and feel the eyes of customers and their hair stylists settle on you immediately. Welcome to Our Place in Sydney. The home of KMS California‘s Australian-based creative director, Clive Alright, the salon is a quaint, cosy and welcoming operation […]

Five Sweet Men’s Hairstyles for the Australian Summer

The Australian summer is unkind to those who want their locks to resemble anything other than a sweaty, dripping mess. Between the humidity and the piercing sunrays, achieving a slick style worthy of Marc Jacobs’s catwalk is the last thing on your mind. In summer, all you really want is a hairstyle that’s doesn’t require […]

KMS California: Hairplay

Fruity, kind of zesty, smooth and a breeze to use, the KMS California: Hairplay range is now available in Australia and sold at many a retailer, meaning the American flavour of hair coolness is only at arm’s reach away. The styling duo that falls into the Hairplay range is the KMS Hairplay texture shampoo and […]

American Crew Review: Citrus Mint

American Crew is the leader of the pack in men’s haircare and styling. From the chemically enhanced, varying purpose concoctions and a range of hair care that suits essentially every occasion, hair styling proficiency and aesthetic, their rage has been proven to me time and time again, infallible. Recently, their Citrus Mint range of American Crew hair and body […]

Mr. Porter’s Guide to the Perfect Shave

For those amongst us who are a little bit left-in-the-dark when it comes to shaving; your saving grace is here. Whether you were self-taught, had a neglectful Dad or just never picked-up quite the tried and tested way of doing the most manly of things that gives you right to your gender, Mr. Porter has […]

American Crew Review: Classic 2

American Crew’s mission in life is to bring fine hair care to men through their carefully targeted products and love for men’s hair globally. Through their research of and advancement in anything men’s hair-related, they’re forging the way in men’s hair care and styling, while doing their best to bring back the pride men once had […]

American Crew Review: Classic 1

Men rejoice! All you’ve ever wanted, needed, thought of wanting or needing or otherwise abounds in salons dotted all over our fine country. What is it? American Crew. After the 80s and 90s, the old time ‘barber shop’ disappeared into the recesses of society and was overtaken by hair salons catering primarily and often exclusively to […]

What’s in your Malebox?

They say money can’t buy you class, but it sure can help. It doesn’t take much for a man to cross the line between looking like rubbish and looking stylish, but it does take a lot to get them the gumption to go forth and do it. One such newfound organisation out there doing just […]