Happy First Birthday to the Coogee Pavilion

Few restaurants in Sydney offer an experience quite like Merivale’s newest beachside venue, the Coogee Pavilion. The Coogee Pavilion celebrated its first birthday recently in a flourish of the eastern Sydney suburbs’ best foot forward.  The beachside setting plays host to, and has quickly become renowned for the perfect combination of restaurant, bar and art […]

Crane Bar Sydney’s new Cocktail Menu

Crane Bar in Sydney has set down its new selection of Cocktails and the locals could not be happier. Perched on the shoulder of Potts Point, the Japanese-inspired restaurant plays host to a wide selection of the highly delectable mix of Japanese fusion cuisine and beverages. The well-known hangout spot opened early 2013 and has maintained […]

Shhh…. Please Don’t Tell

Rumour has it that from 6-9 August, in collaboration with World Class Drinking, Melbourne’s renowned Black Pearl Bar’s top level, will be the temporary home to one of New York’s most beloved speakeasies, Please Don’t Tell (PDT). Created by the internationally acclaimed mixologist Jim Meehan and run by Jeff Bell, the 2013 Diageo World Class US Bartender […]

Truffle Season in Melbourne

There are but a few weeks left of decent truffle season, so the time is night to stock-up or simply go out and eat to your heart’s content. Melbourne recently hosted the annual Truffle Melbourne festival, where truffle enthusiasts, growers, foodies and the plain curious gathered to celebrate all that’s good about the ugly dark […]

What’s so good about Appleton Estate Aged Rum (Sponsored Video)

Appleton Estate aged rum is 100% Jamaican from cane to cup. They say that in each bottle of Appleton aged rum, you can taste the culture, history, dance, music, food, sights and smells of the untold beauty of Jamaica. You’d be a fool not to believe it. The Appleton Estate in the Nassau Valley is […]

In from the cold at Palmer & Co.

It’s so easy to hibernate indoors when it’s cold, but the cure for the Winter blues lies at the bottom of a cocktail glass – preferably several. Palmer and Co., the chic and mysterious Merivale speakeasy on Abercrombie Lane, launched its Winter menu just last week. With a history of ever-growing menus, designed to reflect […]

New Shanghai’s new Wine List

New Shanghai has a new wine list. Chinese love wine, so it makes sense that their food is surrounded by a nice spread of options when it comes to what to match to their delicacies. New Shanghai is a gorgeous Shanghai-style restaurant situated inside Chatswood Chase shopping centre in North Sydney and is one of five […]

Who is Luis Tan?

If you know Sydney, you know Bondi. And if you know Bondi, prepare to soon know Luis Tan. He’s new to the block, got some cool vibe about him and is run by a bunch of Sydney guys whose passion for ‘cool’, love for food and want to create the next big thing saw them […]

Melbourne’s Southgate Waterslide

Rumour has it the restaurant is situated where a giant – for the day – wooden waterslide once stood. These days you don’t see how, but for what it no doubt was to what it is today, it’s the kind of place you want to keep coming back to. Waterslide on Melbourne’s Southgate Boulevard is […]

The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

At the furthest eastern reaches of Sydney is the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel. It’s beautiful, right on the beach, massive and luxurious, and knows how to draw the crowds from families to social types alike from the furthest reaches of the city. On a sunny day, it’s the retreat of the trendy, on a weekend, […]

To have found Hibiki Harmony

It is subtle, refined, and yet complex. These words were used to describe the most sophisticated blend of whisky Japan has to offer. The Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the new and most famous blend to join the House of Suntory Whisky, and will officially launch in the Australian market. Suntory Whisky embodies the harmony that […]

High Tea at Melbourne’s InterContinental

On any given Sunday, the finer mix of Melburnian takes a step back from the hustle and bustle to a quieter nook of the city less oft travelled. It’s something more for ‘those in the know’ than the general thoroughfare of the busier streets surrounding it; it’s warm, friendly, expertly prepared and just the right […]