BRP tears up The Argyle, Sydney

Sydney hosted the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) at the Argyle, as they exclusively launched their two game-changing new products into the APAC market; the Evinrude E-TEC G2 and the award nominated Spyder F3. To some these might just seem like a bunch of numbers and words put together, but in sight, these are what make […]

A Vespa kind of mood

Photography by Marc Buckner, styling by Iyan Difuntorum, modelling by Ollie Peake. C. THE F 2015.

Milan in Melbourne; that’s the Vespa way. As perfect for a weekend away as it is a weekend zipping around town, the Vespa is – and has been for decades – at the pinnacle of the quick-and-easy scooting world, celebrating ease of freedom and movement that we all never find the time for. Recently though […]

The New Audi TT Brand Film

If you’ve been watching Instagram and what we’ve been up to, you’d’ve noticed we recently test drove the new Audi TT; one of the best German sports cars since cars were invented. It’s a car for the creatives, a car for the athletic, a car for the active and a car the look of which […]

The new Audi TT

The new Audi TT is the car for the creatives. An almost wholly design-focused reinvigorated version of the twenty-year-old car by the German auto manufacturer has come to town, breathing a bit of new life into what it means to be the driver of a snappy sports car and also flipping on its head new […]

Ford Kuga takes Sydney

Doesn’t matter if you ask a local of a lifetime or a visitor from another city, the Sydney roadways are a nightmare. But then again, you ask what makes it better and they all say it comes down to what you drive, not how. Enter the Ford Kuga Titanium, one of the sexiest looking Fords I’ve ever driven that […]

Driving the Honda Jazz

Got car, will drive. The weekend was a perfect excuse to down tools and disappear for a night, taking Honda’s latest instalment of its renowned Jazz model automatic car to the roads, paying the luscious and reclusive Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region a visit. If you read our Valentine’s Day weekend away guide, you’ll see […]

A Valentine’s Day Weekend Like No Other

With Valentine’s Day weekend but four days away, those of us who’re a little bit slower in getting off the mark need to get cracking. We feel for you, and so, have put together – with the great help of our friends at Honda and the tourism operations of the Daylesford & Macedon Ranges – […]

Audi’s $25 Million New Showroom

With a crowd that filled the new Audi showroom in Melbourne to the walls and beyond, Audi Australia reopened its central Melbourne showroom recently, to the tune of a $25 million redevelopment. This has shot this showroom in particular, but Audi Australia onto the main stage of global car retail, reinventing the showroom and giving […]

Maserati’s Centennial Celebrations

Illuminating Bennelong in Sydney in the signature blue tinge of the Maserati namesake, the luxury Italian car maker celebrated its centenary year in lavish style recently. Bringing its distinct flair, style and luxurious atmosphere around the brand, Maserati craned in their newly launched Ghibli S and GranCabrio MC Centennial Edition into the Sydney Opera House to […]

Driving the Ford Kuga

The perfect combination of puffy, cushiony comfort and enough guts to outrun the most slick of wank-mobiles, the Ford Kuga is – or was, that is to say – my new best friend. A testament to the idea that Ford hasn’t lost any of its gusto for making cars over the past decade or so, […]

Maserati Centenary

It’s not often I liken sexiness to something inanimate, but when it comes to the Maserati centenary GranTourismo MC Stradale and GranCabrio MC Centennial editions, it’s hard to not. In celebration of the Maserati centenary, the two cars will be welcomed to Australia and will come our way by the end of the year. Due […]

The Formula 1 Watch

It’s the season for rev heads around the world to juice-up and get their rubber on with the formula 1 race season travelling the world over. Due soon to arrive in Melbourne, the Formula 1 race track is a global one, attracting a bigger audience than most other public sporting events, dwarfed only by the […]