Exactly how to Do Less and Be More

In this day and age, it’s easy to lose yourself. We have too many jobs, find the shoes we’re trying to fill get insurmountably bigger and the hunger for higher paying jobs, endless to-do lists and colossal aspirations make us seem inundated and like we’re drowning. All the time. That’s why the book, Do Less Be […]

Moving-In With Howard’s Storage World

When it comes to finding a new apartment, in a new city, living with a stranger or any other of the myriad of other new, exciting and more-than-likely nerve racking experiences that moving into a new apartment entails, it can be full-on. The last thing you want to worry about is something along the lines […]

Get The Bond Look With Gillette

Gillette is doing something new. They don’t just create boring razors, shavers of men’s products, they innovate and develop, ready to tackle any mission that is any man’s beard or body hair. That’s why they’re such a great fit with the likes of international superspy and M16 legend, James Bond. He’s smooth, suave, sophisticated and […]

JJ Wessels for Uppercut Deluxe

There’s a guy, JJ Wessels who’s a renowned – for those in the know – motorcycle enthusiast and pro Californian surfer. He wears a side part in his hair. He loves this side part so much, that he partnered with men’s grooming brand Uppercut Deluxe to create a how to guide on how to get […]

Mr. Porter’s Guide to the Perfect Shave

For those amongst us who are a little bit left-in-the-dark when it comes to shaving; your saving grace is here. Whether you were self-taught, had a neglectful Dad or just never picked-up quite the tried and tested way of doing the most manly of things that gives you right to your gender, Mr. Porter has […]

Men’s hair tutorial 2: casually dressy

On the whole, guys could definitely use a helping hand. when it comes to putting together a look atop their heads worthy of the public. God knows I could. In all my curiosity on how best to style hair this coming warmer spring-summer season, I sought the help of Jacky Chan from Oscar Oscar in […]

Men’s hair tutorial 1: the everyday look

Like fashion and trends, hair and beauty move with the tides of the times and are a constantly changing beast of their own. If you’re not in-the-know, they can be an epic pain to keep track of and boom! before you know it, you’re looking as daggy as last season’s kicks with nothing to do but wait […]

How to tie a tie like a boss

With the spring racing season here and men being as dexterously retarded as they are when it comes to tying ties and looking good, Country Road knows what it takes to not only making men look good in their threads, but helping them get themselves to a point that is publicly appropriate and not too offensive […]

Dressing for the colder months

Melbourne has lots that make it different to the rest of the country when it comes to style, design and aesthetic swag. One man who knows it inside and out is style icon and music aficionado DJ Andy Murphy, one of the go-tos in men’s style. I had a chance to pick his brains on […]

How to get the 1920s look

I’ve always loved history. There’s something about knowing how the world was made into the way it is today (for better or worse) that is really fascinating to me. That and seeing how they dressed about 70 years ago has to cause a smirk over my satirical face. That’s why I love Downton Abbey. Over […]

How to wear a pair of jeans for a whole year

What’s it like to wear the same piece of clothing for a year? Gross. Well, that’s at least what I thought until I had a chat with Matt from the new Superglue store at Highpoint Shopping Centre who’s been wearing the same pair of jeans for over 203 days so far and counting. He’s taken […]

How to chose the right sunglasses to suit your face shape

With the sun creeping through the clouds, weather warming up and the constant push by society for us to have no wrinkles, look eternally youthful and take care of our faces, it makes perfect sense that ’tis the season to wear sunglasses. In light of this, I thought it a handy idea to put together […]