Muse 2013

It’s often interesting to know from where designers gather the inspiration that makes their more-often-than-not creative, odd-looking and wonderful fashionable creations. In a great attempt to shed some light on just that, the folks behind one of Melbourne’s most iconic shopping destinations, Melbourne’s GPO teamed with some of Australia’s leading fashion magazines. Together, Harper’s Bazaar […]

The Pasar Design Collective

When you think of Bali in Denpasar, Indonesia, you hardly think of fashion, creativity, artistic expression or anything really, other than crazy traffic, cheap goods for purchase and the debauchery of namely Australian and Dutch travellers. But, scratch the surface and you find something different. There is in Bali a collective of artistic folks: designers, […]

Styling tips for Autumn

With a change of season in the air and a notable excuse to wear more layers than we have been, this Autumn is all about having fun with your fashion. To ensure you’re dressed for the weather, layering is a must, and is also an easy way to add interest to an outfit. Spice up […]

Highpoint’s launch hits the skies

In a flurry of great pomp and ceremony, The GPT Group’s Highpoint Shopping Centre officially flung open the doors to its newly created fashion precinct in the heart of the shopping centre. Bringing to the western suburbs what it’s been lacking for so long, the shopping centre plays home to some of the most popular […]

GlamCorner welcomes Jayson Brunsdon

One of Australia’s most renowned names in fashion both nationally and internationally, Jayson Brunsdon has expanded his stockists repertoire to include one of Australia’s most latest names in online retail with a twist. A new service by the name of GlamCorner offers design lovers and wearers the chance to wear some of the country’s best names […]