Sydney’s got a new rooftop bar that’s worth the view

Grove Rooftop Bar Haymarket THE F 3

Who’d’ve thought that Haymarket is the hottest new location in Sydney this summer for all things drinks and alcohol-related? The Grove Rooftop Bar atop the Novotel Sydney Central has thrown open its doors until 31 March of this year, bringing-in good times, quality drinks and a chill atmosphere for guests and visitors alike for the […]

Sydney Festival is on and you need to go

Sydney Festival has taken over the city in a celebration of out of control theatre, dance, music, visual arts, opera and more, which for three weeks takes-over the city’s cultural calendar from 7-29 January. There’s a lot of events around town, 150 to be exact and 73 of which are free. Overall, 454 performances will take place […]

What makes Opera Australia’s latest double-production so impressive

Dragana Radakovic as Santuzza, Diego Torre as Turiddu, Dominica Matthews as Mamma Lucia and the Opera Australia Chorus in Opera Australia's production of Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci.

It’s not often two internationally-acclaimed operatic numbers are performed side-by-side, but when they are; it’s something of a marvel. Take Opera Australia’s latest incarnations of the Italian Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci operas and you get just that: a stirring musical rendition, worthy of not only a special place in your memory, but a moment in history that doesn’t come ’round […]

Where to spend Valentine’s Day in Sydney

Romantic candlelight dinner setting

Valentine’s Day is so divisive! You’re either so overcome with love and adoration for whoever’s in your life that “smitten” almost loses all meaning, or you’re so desperately alone that you loathe the very utterance of the name of the day. Either way, it evokes so many emotions both good and bad, so why not […]

Best ways horse riding is good for you

Man on horseback in rural landscape, New South Wales, Australia

There are few things considered sacred in the dating world these days, but if you’re a sucker for adventure, there’s nothing quite as heart-meltingly wooing as a scenic horse ride. And also, beneficial, apparently! Sure, there’s gym, but when a service like Scenic Horse Riding in NSW and their Sydney horse riding centre exists, why […]

Flickerfest is back!


Flickerfest is the innovative home of great short film and its set to sway, race, encapsulate and squeeze our hearts. You should head to Bondi where a multitude of gobsmackingly enthralling short films are ready to tell you stories you’ll never forget. We all remember the first five minutes of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, most of […]

There’s one name for awesome eyewear and it’s Oscar Wylee

Oscar Wylee eyewear

Oscar Wylee started in a garage. A couple of people, a mission for quality and a point of difference all their own. And it’s worked. Fast-forward some years, they’re working with one grand showroom right in the centre of Sydney plus another five stores around Sydney and Melbourne. They struck a chord with the Aussie […]

Top 5 Places To Skate In Sydney

Penny Skateboards

Skating has been around for about as long as people have longed to not have to walk (and surfers were bored in the off-season), so it’s no surprise you see it everywhere! And these days, with so many skateboarding location options and what to do it on, such winning choices of board like the really […]

4 things you need to know about Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci operas

Cavalleria Rusticana Pagliacci Opera Australia THE F

New year, new program and this one by Opera Australia is a stellar line-up. We’re talking La Traviata (from ‘Pretty Woman’!), Cavalleria Rusticana, Tosca, La Boheme and the epic Carmen on the stage of Handa Opera on the Harbour. Prepare to have multiple heart attacks.   More notably and as the first cab-off-the-rank for the program, […]

Where to celebrate Australia Day 2017!


The time has come to celebrate the greatest country in the world again and there’s no holding back this year. Let the beer flow, the lamb be cooked, the beaches be overrun and the flag fly high this Australia Day. Here’s where you need to go for all the above and more: The Australian Heritage […]

Spending New Years Day at the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel


If there’s one thing Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel in Sydney’s east does well, it’s style. It boasts waterfront city views in a secluded location, so is the perfect way to spend almost any occasion. So, when New Years Day comes along, it’s no surprise Sydney locals flock to its double storey beach frontage to drink the […]

Handa Opera’s newest production is coming to Sydney!

Turandot Handa Opera Sydney Harbour review, THE F 1

We all know Australian opera by Opera Australia is amongst the best in the world. Couple that with the award-winning and renowned home of it, the Sydney Opera House and you know it can’t get much better. Until it does. Atop a flotilla on the world famous Sydney Harbour itself, Handa Opera takes centre stage […]