Sydney’s Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar

Coming from Japan and Korea, the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar has landed in Australia, setting-up camp in Sydney as a go-to for social drinkers of all kinds. Poured fresh at sub-zero temperatures, the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar is all about boasting a relaxed vibe while visitors can enjoy a refreshing beer […]

Flash mobbing Sydney’s Circular Quay

The weather was perfect, the crowd was bursting and the tourists were flocking: all signs pointed ‘go’ to ING Direct Australia’s latest project with German DJ der Guten Laune; the DJ of the good mood! Celebrating the financial organisation’s great deals when it comes to superannuation accounts and how little they actually charge their customers […]

Life’s about Good Moods and mo’ money, mo’ fun

It’s not every day you see a group of seniors get together in a park for a good old school flash mob, giving new meaning to the idea of retirement and throwing all sorts of caution to the wind. That is, until you introduce the secret ingredient that is DJ der Guten Laune (DJ Good […]

DJ der Guten Laune in Sydney!

The German DJ of good moods, DJ der Guten Laune has landed in Sydney to throw his free-and-easy life-loving beats down for passers-by alongside a little surprise that is in store for Sydneysiders on their lunch break… In collaboration with ING Direct Australia, the vivacious Einstein doppelgänger of a German DJ has reached his retirement and in […]


The only thing that can make the redevelopment of a new shopping centre in a city as mammoth as Sydney that much more ‘in’ and exciting is an app to go along with it. Of course. After blowing a massive wad of cash ($440 million) on the centre’s redevelopment to house a multitude of local […]

Almost Naked Models ride a Water Slide

Nude models plus water. General Pants recently thought it’d be a good idea to combine the two in a new contemporary interpretation of what it means to hold a runway show of new season swimwear released in stores this month. With DJ Andy Murphy doing his thing, male and female models took to the slide… […]

Great Dane moves to Sydney

By Claudia Wood.  It’s easy to spot the Great Dane showroom in Sydney: the glistening floor to ceiling windows at the shop front are bursting with light, illuminating a world of Scandinavian luxury. You can’t help but be impressed as your draw closer to the refurbished showroom and are met by two stoic and elegant, […]

Brooks Brothers Graces Australia

Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers was the first to offer ready-to-wear clothing and has continued throughout history with iconic product introductions and being to go-to of American presidents. Now 195 years later, it’s made its debut in Australia and the reception has been every bit as good as they’d’ve hoped. Opening at Melbourne’s latest and […]

Who’s who in Sydney’s new Macquarie Centre

At long last and after months of speculation [we knew was true], it was been officially announced that filling the soon-to-be newly refurbished Macquarie Centre in Sydney are the likes of some of the world’s biggest retail giants. To no surprise as it seems to be the flavour of the year so far. Like a […]

Sydney’s New Balance Experience Store

By Michael Briones.  It became a surprise to find that global brand New Balance did not have a shop set up in the city of Sydney – a sports brand who have released classic and timeless sportswear, casualwear and footwear over the past several decades. Last week New Balance finally opened and launched their first […]

Johnnie Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee Event

Just before spring sprung, Sydney hosted a soiree of epic proportions to celebrate many of the city’s inhabitants’ favourite pastime: drinking. They celebrated it with one of the only staples a gentlemanly gentleman should have in his wide array of finely aged whiskies; Johnnie Walker Diamond Scotch Whiskey; and in the presence of Johnnie Walker & […]

Uniqlo’s Sydney faces announced

After its huge success in Melbourne, Uniqlo is heading north. To aid the move to its new home, Uniqlo is working with some new and very eclectic brand ambassadors whose personal and professional lives and the way they live them has resonated with the Japanese retailer. First and most obviously, fashion blogger Margaret Zhang from Shine […]