Undrgrnd Melbourne

So imagine a scene from a dance movie, darken the lights, turn up the music, add alcohol and the distinct smell of a really hefty workout and you have Undrgrnd. An impressive display of people’s bodies moving in the most inconceivable way until you see it first hand on stage, that later turns into an […]

Sydney’s Macquarie Centre hot spot

As if to rival the sudden retail successes of Melbourne over the past few years, Sydney’s Macquarie Centre is upping the ante beyond all recognition and playing rival to the likes of the new Emporium Melbourne. The centre is having a $440 million redevelopment and will open 16 October as home to retailers the likes […]

Squire Shoes

There’s a shoe brand from Sydney I’ve been watching for a while who’ve been making shoes of fine quality since inception, which makes me happy. Their name? Squire Shoes. Think witty puns and plays on medieval sensibilities with much more than nobler intentions and a lot better technology at their fingertips; that’s them. They use […]

Kevin Murphy directs the Myer SS15 Fashion Parade

By Johnny, Little Joe Woman and L by Lisa Ho, with acclaimed fashion designer, Alex Perry will open Myer’s spring-summer fashion show in Sydney next week at Carriageworks as directed by hair and style master Kevin Murphy. He’s back on our shores for this exclusive Sydneysider event, which will bring model Jennifer Hawkins to the […]

Montblanc Black and White

By Claudia Wood.  Black and white can be seen as a contrast, complementary or timeless, depending on your view. Montblanc chose to view their black and white event as a point of difference; as symbolism for their new collection that will be released this year. With four thousand five hundred pieces in their collection, you […]

The ‘Men In This Town’ Book Launch

By Henry Ng.  A graphic designer by trade, Men In This Town author Giuseppe Santamaria started his street style journal (of the same name) in 2010 to capture men whose dress sense speaks volumes about who they are. The book is an extension of the digital journal and focuses on men in London, Tokyo, Sydney, […]

Getting Ready for Summer: Tommy Bahama

By Claudia Wood.  Tommy Bahama is a charming, fit, middle aged man with an everlasting tan and rings that would envy royalty; or at least that’s what we like to think. The legend, who is known to have caught a 200-pound yellowfin using only a coconut shell, some broken sunglasses and the drawstring from his boardies, […]

WSI X Lagerfeld

By Michael Briones.  Karl Lagerfeld. That’s all you need to hear (or read) to know the expectations at one of his launch events. His name goes side-by-side with quality, sophistication and fashion-forwardness together in his products, and this evening we see him launch his Summer 2014 watch collection. The new WSI Store in Sydney QVB […]

Marimekko’s 50th Unikko Anniversary

By Claudia Wood.  When you think 50th birthdays, what comes to mind? Old drunken relatives stumbling around a backyard, wine in hand, talking about the ‘good, old days’? Well whatever bad example you have, scratch that, because Marimekko threw one hell of a 50th birthday. 50 years ago, Marimekko’s most iconic print was born. Maija […]

Uniqlo to open in Sydney

When it rains, it pours. No more than a few weeks after Japanese retailer Uniqlo opened up in Melbourne’s newest retail destination, Emporium Melbourne, there’s talk of them moving northward to Sydney to bring their cheap awesomeness to the masses of NSW. Set to open this spring-summer season in Pitt Street Mall, the centre of […]

Sydney’s Raidillon Watches

By Michael Briones.  A small boutique in Sydney is holding one of Europe’s finest watches. The Belancé store took host for the launch event for Raidillon Watches in Australia. Europe have always been known in creating luxury watches amongst the world, and Raidillon watches are no let up. Always crafting and manufacturing quality and precise […]

Fashion Weekend Sydney

Sydney’s playing host to the 7th annual Shop Til You Drop Fashion Weekend this May, so is fast becoming more and more the place to be, it seems. Starting on Thursday 15th of May at the Royal Hall of Industries, Fashion Weekend Sydney is about a nice and comparatively new opportunity for Sydneysiders to access over 100 Australian and international brands for […]