Undrgrnd Melbourne

So imagine a scene from a dance movie, darken the lights, turn up the music, add alcohol and the distinct smell of a really hefty workout and you have Undrgrnd. An impressive display of people’s bodies moving in the most inconceivable way until you see it first hand on stage, that later turns into an […]

The Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

With summer coming up in a couple of months, it’s time to get excited about boats, sailing, the beach and a good old fashion regatta. While there’s nothing I love more than the bourgeois use of the word ‘regatta’, especially with an old world English accent, there’s one taking place in the sunny, summery beauties of Hamilton […]

Ted Baker Australia opens in Queensland

When Sir Thomas Brisbane set-up the first planetarium in the southern hemisphere, I’ll bet he didn’t expect his little step in history would be the inspiration for a new retail instalment in his city’s namesake, Brisbane. Ted Baker London is a relatively new venture in Australia that has just expanded to their fifth store in Indooroopilly, […]