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Why protecting your iPhone with leather is the only way

There’s something inherently wrong with people, right? We buy expensive things and treat them terribly!

Cars, we crash; furniture, we break; and phones, we smash! Which is why there is such a movement out there to make not only indestructible mobile phones and other tech, but indestructible cases that we use to protect them from, well… ourselves.

Of course though, with any new product to market comes the question around what’s best. Is it a matter of design or material? Fit or function? Colour or texture?

iPhone cases

When the people over at Case Haven decided it was their time to create masterful pieces in the way of the best leather iPhone cases to protect your mobile phone, it was a matter of all the factors – and then some.

They use what they know well – leather – and combine their years of skill into turning the durable, naturally sourced fabric into a phone case to be proud of.

Equal parts luxurious and functional, the Case Haven mobile phone case is crafted from premiere quality materials and their aim is to put aesthetic ahead of so many competitors while still permitting full functionality (your phone won’t break!).


Check out some of their collection for iPhones, Samsung and all manner of phone bands on their website.

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