Canopy Verde bags

With the environment in mind, the Canopy Verde is a newcomer to the bag and accessories world, powered by a strong ethical viewpoint and an even stronger designer with a conscience to be matched.

Being eco-friendly is no easy feat in this day and age with costs of materials more often than not outweighing costs of production and sourcing truly environmentally friendly (the non-greenwashed version) products and materials with which to make into the end product like pulling teeth.

The designer of Canopy Verde, Linda Wong, founded the brand before the illustrious global financial crisis a few years back. Quite the time for such a feat. She then kicked-off production after the birth of her first child. Evidently a lover of a challenge, Wong’s aspirations and determinations outweighed the challenges she faced  and allowed her to produce a line of bags true to her beliefs and passions.

Danish design and a social conscience meant that Wong’s use of organic cotton, OEKO TEX certified dyes with no harmful chemicals and wooden trims, all of which can comprise a vegan collection, make-up majority of the collection and play true to her passions for work, play and travel.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Wong’s work relies on a wide range of influences, the likes of a local team of talent such as photographers and web designers.

Her Asian heritage and lifelong influences aid her creative juices’ flow in addition to the energies of creatives around her. You can see hints of these through her designs all the while paying homage to environmental sensitivities.

You can see the entire line at
Canopy Verde 3
Canopy Verde 2
Canopy Verde 1

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