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The bug battle – 7 tips for defending your home against insects this season

Summer is a time for insects of all sizes and shapes to come crawling out of the woodwork and into all of your picnics, soft drinks, houses and cars. This yearly battle with an enemy that numbers in the millions in your neighbourhood alone can be daunting.

However, with the right tips and tricks you can avoid the hassle of defending your home against insects altogether. For these very tips and tricks, read on through our guide on insect related home defence tactics.

Outdoor pesticides 

Outdoor pesticides are usually stronger and more aggressive than indoor ones, and therefore need to be treated with more respect and caution. You can buy insect killing spray that stays on an outdoor surface for up to 6 months killing anything that walks over that surface in that time.

Surrounding your windows and doors with this will ensure no creepy crawlies get inside your home without also grabbing a lethal dose of pesticide along the way. Some of these you will need to buy from authorised dealers or service providers, which can be found by just googling “pest control Frankston”, and some can be found in your local supermarket.


Windows, much like doors, present an opportunity for all kinds of creatures to make their way inside, except that windows also have the added weakness of being an entryway for spiders as well. Doors are considered high-traffic areas by other creatures, as we humans use them a lot of the time, but windows are used less. So, when one is left open, a nearby spider might make its way inside in search of a meal. Try putting screens on your windows as well as your doors, for added insect security.


This should go without saying, but an open doorway is an invitation to anything with wings and the slightest inclination for exploration. Flies, wasps, bees and everything else capable of buzzing around in one direction or another will find their way inside through an open door unless you have a screen door installed on it.

Screen doors have an added benefit of increasing the security at your house by giving you another point of blocking between you and the outside world.

Indoor pesticides

Indoor pesticides are a little more forgiving and a little less intense, so it’s ok to be more liberal with them. There are foggers and misters available for your home that will get a standard can of bug spray and spray two bursts of it into your main rooms once every two hours, gradually building up an environment inside your home that is generally hostile to any flying insects that might make their way inside.


Keeping your surfaces clean is another way to bolster your defences against the winged hordes of bloodthirsty critters from the outdoors. Wipe down your tabletops every day, disinfect your bin, and keep your dishes washed and put away as regularly as possible.

A dirty surface can draw in ants and cockroaches, and ants are known to find many, many ways of getting into kitchens and other indoor areas, and cockroaches are well known to be able to survive almost everything. Keep your home clean in order to keep the bugs out.


Take your trash out regularly. There’s no tip or trick more simple than this one – keep your kitchen and bin area free of trash and you will notice an instant decline in the number of insects taking a keen interest in your home. Less trash means less living spaces and food for them, so it’s a way to get rid of them and keep them away as well. 

Living defences

Have you ever seen your cat eat a fly? That’s an example of a living defence. Animals eat the occasional insect here and there, and that’s a good way to get them to contribute to the overall well-being of the house, but for a more reliably consistent living defence mechanism, try a carnivorous plant or two. Venus fly traps are popular because they’re relatively easy to keep alive and their closing-jaw mechanism is interesting to look at.

With these tips, your home is now well-defended against the coming onslaught of creepy crawlies.

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