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Have you created your bucket list yet? Here’s what should be on it

The first time I Googled Bucket List was when I watched the promo of The Bucket List – starring my favourite Morgan Freeman and of course, the one and only Jack Nicholson. I wondered what it could be and then Google said it’s just a simple list of your wishes. That amazed me right away since I never thought what I actually want in life, where to go and what to do what others basically wish, if they could do.

In a literary sense, Bucket List is defined sort of this way – “It’s a list of your personal goals in life.” But, this is not it. You must know there is a very fine line between your goal and wish. Goals are sometimes set over your needs, whereas wishes are what you secretly want when no one is around – it could even be any profession that you wanted to be in during your school days, but could not make it due to heap of reasons. It’s a list of what you want to do before you die. Well, not stretching it to any further length, here we leave for …

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Is a bucket list necessary?

Not at all! Live the life as it happens. There’s no foreign force to get you down to enlisting your wishes and then throw it into the trash bin. Let me help you in a way – make some self-speculations and ask yourself – “Do I have anything on my mind which doesn’t usually come out loud, even to my own ears?” If someone speaks back to your inner-self, then get set to create one and be determined to execute each of them on the very decided time.

Try bucket list items like…

  • A movie place that you wholeheartedly admired and wished to be at someday!
  • Paragliding, maybe! (or, it’s already become a cliché)? Maybe, yes! Drop it then.
  • A Christmas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!
  • A dine at the SubliMotion, Spain.
  • Get the car of your dream and drive around the city, although you are yet to take proper driving lessons.
  • And, go places across the world and frame all the memories to hang against the wall.

How to get it going…

  • Here what I say, visiting the place from the movie requires just a few years of labour and decent savings. Besides, check back for all the documents, such as Visa and Passport, to be in the right format.
  • Paragliding, how about planning it over the coming weekend? Contact all your locally based Paragliding And Outdoor Activities Centers and get a time of your choice. No big deal!
  • For Christmas in Amsterdam, a dine in Spain and for the long-awaited world tour, make sure you have a strong financial plus company backup. Make sure, the combination of these two is perpetually sustained.
  • And, finally, when it comes to getting the car of your dream and driving it around despite being a non-driver, start planning along with saving right from now. Once you fix your mind not to shed much on unnecessary shopping sprees, you’re just a few steps away from your goal. But, it’s necessary to have proper and extensive driving lessons in Cambelltown prior to spending a life of money. For a quicker and easier process, I suggest you to choose online driving lessons or book driving lessons online picking any particular school from your locality. Remember, the friendlier the school is, the better.


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