Brooks Brothers Graces Australia

Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers was the first to offer ready-to-wear clothing and has continued throughout history with iconic product introductions and being to go-to of American presidents.

Now 195 years later, it’s made its debut in Australia and the reception has been every bit as good as they’d’ve hoped.

Opening at Melbourne’s latest and greatest shopping centre right in the heart of the city, Emporium Melbourne, as well as more recently Sydney’s busy business precinct of Martin Place, Brooks Brothers has brought its American decor and brilliant brand presence to a customer base that demand quality and the finesse of a business as old as it is.

In the aftermath of the business opening its first stand alone store at Chatswood Chase in Sydney and its launch to David Jones nationally, the Emporium and Martin Place stores were the net logical step. Both in the Emporium Boutique and the Martin Place Flagship, will feature the complete collection of Brooks Brother’s menswear and womenswear as well as their Red Fleece collection.

Both extensive collections taking inspiration from the artists, intellectuals and jet-setters from the 1920’s to 1950’s who found themselves equally at home whether in Connecticut or Cote d’Azure. Much like the travelling global locals of the Australian race, so the brand’s popularity only makes sense.

The stores’ layouts – which later this year will expand throughout the country to Adelaide and Brisbane, also – feature typical Brook Brothers aesthetics with cherry wood, brass detailing and a homely, exclusive atmosphere.

Through the stores in womenswear there is an element of elegance across both business attire and fashion items. Clean tailored silhouettes are paired with luxuriously textured fabrics to match every occasion while the Red Fleece Collection is synonymous with preppy and sophisticated dressing for the everyday carefree leisure wearer.

Brooks Brothers‘ Martin Place store will also be the first store to offer a made-to-measure suit service for men in a dedicated tailoring space with such timeless features as a custom made billiards table. This will allow customers to select from a wide range of suit colours, patterns, fabric qualities and details not found in most readymade garments.

Each one as beautiful as the next and with an inevitable national presence before we know it, Brooks Brothers is not only here to stay, but will do so in a traditionalist manner that Australians respond so well to.



Brooks Brothers Emporium Melbourne 1

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Brooks Brothers Martin Place Sydney 1

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