British menswear with a twist: Georgina Hunt

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You’ve just finished your studies at London’s Middlesex University. What drove you to the end?

I had the image of my clothes walking down the catwalk stuck in my head the whole time but the people around me, the stress, the long hours, the over thinking, the late night trips to the chippy and long hours of listening to throwback nineties music all became part of the experience and gave me the drive to the end.

How was your graduate collection received?

I feel people have been really positive about the collection which is a huge compliment as its hard to judge your own work, especially when you’ve seen the same shirt a hundred times before anyone else has you become a bit lost in perception.

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You graduate collection’s aesthetic was a bit sporty-come-formal and showcased a lot of what you like to do with manipulated fabric and draping. Where did you get your inspiration from?

The inspiration initially came from football, I was really interested in the movement of football shirts on the pitch (the pulling, tackling, etc) and it began this huge experimentation with hand manipulation. The whole football theme lead me to Upton Park where West Ham United FC play it’s a run down area which has this huge contrast of cultures between the Asian community and the football crazies. The elderly muslim men which walk the derelict market became the muses of the collection and the print was taken from a huge table of bras being sold. It became this idea of fusion and was something that really excited me while researching.

One thing you can’t ignore in your graduate collection is the jarring asymmetrical slant you put on your overcoats and jackets. Why?

This idea has always been a weird aesthetic of mine it has run through my designs from an early stage and has become something that I have developed on personally. It became really key when researching for the collection.

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What were some of your favourite fabrics to work with? Why?

I used a mix of nylon and linen for the “grab” navy jacket which was amazing to use as it had a really lux feel but also worked really well with my technique. The digital print used in the collection was great fun as well in which hundreds of bras are repeated onto fabric to give off an almost camo/floral print.

You’re certainly on trend for spring-summer with the inclusion of lots of whites, creams and floral prints. Do you think these colours and styles work for or against men and their clothing?

I think that men are becoming a lot braver with their choice of clothing so I don’t think theirs a right or a wrong I mean, white and cream is always a personal favorite of mine on a guy and the floral is growing more and more commercial and possible to be worn by men.

Where can we see the Georgina Hunt name going in the future? Where to next?

The next step is to work for a brand in which I can develop my commercial skills more and hopefully in the next couple of years launch my own label. Although an accessory collection maybe on the cards as a small development from the collection. So this is really just the beginning.

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