The Breitling Chronograph S3

Breitling, watch makers of supreme quality are introducing a new watch, perfect for the unfathomable conditions that await weightless travel for the select few privileged enough to experience what they have in store.

After the brand’s first weightless flight in 1962 with the Navitimer Cosmonaute, Breitling is now the main sponsor of the Swiss project ‘S3 (Swiss Space Systems)’, a program of weightless flights that will begin in 2015.

In over 15 locations around the world, two-hour flights aboard Airbuses will include 15 separate ‘parabolas’ of ‘free floats’ that last between 20-25 seconds, providing a chance to the participants on board to experience total weightlessness as if in space.

Giving the watch a chance to shine, its weightlessness through is black titan case and SuperQuartz movement, the watch will fly as freely as the wrists of its wearer.

Cool experience? Send me to space!

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Breitling S3 1

Breitling S3 2


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