Cruising Sydney Harbour With Bondi Sands And Shanina Shaik

It was an Australia Day cruise, celebrating the freedom we have in the great country of Australia and the fact that we now don’t need to cinder ourselves under the gaping hole in the ozone layer to keep ourselves in-colour for the season; a great thing.

Bondi Sands Australia Day Boat Cruise Sydney Harbour THE F 1


Bondi Sands and its famous brand ambassador, Shanina Shaik (model, Victoria’s Secret, etc. etc.) tousled on board Sydney’s Star Ship with social and media faces as well as a bunch of run-of-the-mill models to celebrate its range and the fact the tan-in-a-can is a great deal more responsive to the Australian way than anything else to-date. For five hours the ship cruised the harbour, rotating at key locations to allow for what proved to be perfect backdropped locations for reluctant selfies with Shanina, DJ Havana Brown and Nervo DJs from Melbourne. A great opportunity to rub shoulders with music industry players of pretty decent merit.


Bondi Sands Australia Day Boat Cruise Sydney Harbour THE F 4


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Catered for by the now back-with-a-vengeance queen of Vietnamese street food in Melbourne and Sydney, Miss Nahji Chu (‘Miss Chu’), guests were well fed, well-watered on account of the well-stocked bar and well entertained with the calibre of famous faces that made their cameo. Happy Australia Day!





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