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The Bobby anti-theft backpack by XD Design is every traveller’s must-have

Bobby is the anti-theft backpack that has taken over the world, changed travel and made you feel a hell of a lot more safe when you’re traversing, well, any country, really.

Seen them around the city on your ways to and from work? Yeah, it’s no surprise, given the bells and whistles the unassuming backpack sports alongside some striking work in the world of aesthetics and design.

The creative capital of XD Design in the Netherlands, Bobby is all the things you want from an impenetrable backpack that deters thieves and just makes you feel a lot more comfortable to walk around with your personal possessions slung over your back.

Bobby anti theft backpack XD Design black grey

Heres’ how…

Bobby is made of cut-proof 6mm thick anti-shock foam, so those gypsies can’t do a slash-n-run.

It has a rear open zip, meaning someone would literally have to be in front of you to even try to get at it, and comes with hidden pockets in the back, sides and the strap for quick and easy access to whatever you need at the flick of a wrist.

Bobby anti theft backpack XD Design open

It’s revolutionised travel, doing away with the worry of pick-pockets and thieves in general, with added comfort and a pleasantly light weight at only 850 grams.

But just because it’s theft proof for trips around Morocco, Indonesia or the USA, doesn’t mean it’s exempt from city-use. Complete with a laptop pocket, dedicated tablet pocket, water bottle pocket, reflective strips for safety at night and in pleasantly easy-to-pair colour ways of black and grey, the Bobby backpack his hit a chord with office workers.

Bobby anti theft backpack XD Design packing

And the best bit? For those of us who are phone obsessed or obliged, Bobby comes with a built-in pocket to hold a power bank as well as a dedicated cord, which connect with an external USB port for quick charging on-the-go. Genius.

Bobby anti theft backpack XD Design travel

Couple all the perks of the Bobby backpack with the fact it’s made with sleekness and comfort in-mind, the backpack is a streamlined, beautiful piece of manufacturing with only the most practical implications in-mind.

Bobby anti theft backpack XD Design side

See more about Bobby by XD Design at their website here and make your purchase either via hardtofind or The Design Gift Shop.

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