BM Cosmetics for Men

It’s so uncommon in my life, I had to ask my sister what to do with it all.

BB cream, mineral foundation, concealer, bronzer, bronzing lotion and mascara make for the gayest-sounding men’s bathroom cupboard you’ve ever seen until you scratch the surface and find out a little more about the people who bring it to Australian men; and apparently, just how masculine it can be.

BM Cosmetics is the latest range of additions to the bathroom cabinet that offer an interesting and different take on getting ready for a Saturday night out or the general day-to-day.

It’s a cosmetics range exclusively made for and targeted at men, adding to the countless salon visits and exhaustive bathroom schedules of the modern day man. The notion of men’s makeup has remained taboo; that is, until now.

They launched into the Australian market recently after its founder, Beau Mooi, worked tirelessly to create a range that was as masculine in its femininity as flawless in its presentation. Just like every good make-up range should be.

BM Cosmetics is a full range of skin and body cosmetics and is specifically formulated for a man’s thicker and pigmented skin type and accommodates facial hair for easy application.
The range which extends to include an Anti-Aging BB Cream, Mineral Pressed Foundation, Concealer Pot, Bronzer, Bronzing Lotion and Mascara, provides a clean and masculine matte finish   for a naturally flawless complexion. If you know how to use it.
The idea came about after a career of acting and modelling that demanded the need for some heavier-duty, but flawlessly manageable cosmetics that worked on the thicker hide of a man’s face. So Beau gave birth to his own little project, which is proving successful.
Each of the products work the same as their feminine counterparts, only in discreet packaging and with varying shades.
After spending the last few weeks playing with it; a definite every day use product for most men is the BM Cosmetics BB cream. I don’t think anyone knows what ‘BB cream’ means, but it’s a daily moisturising and supporting product that prepares the skin for the onslaught of the day. Or more make-up if that’s your jam.
Products like the BM Cosmetics clear men’s mascara, gold shimmered illuminator and compressed close-up powder go a stitch too far in walking the fine line between a soft introduction to men’s cosmetics and scaring most men off.
For the brave or the well-versed, it’s a unique idea, nonetheless.
As for how to use it, try this funny helpful guide.
BM Cosmetics Concealer Pot
BM Cosmetics bb cream
BM Cosmetics Foundation
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