Blunt Umbrellas THE F 2

Celebrate Umbrella Day the right way

Blunt Umbrellas have carved out a wicked name for themselves since they came into the market a few years ago (2009). Their USP? They make umbrellas that won’t poke an eye out and are fully equipped to withstand the full force of gale winds thanks to their snazzy (and strong as heck) design. Clever thinking.

This year, Umbrella Day falls on 10 February and Blunt is celebrating; makes sense when you’re an umbrella company.

It might seem a strange day to have in the calendar, but when you stop and think about it, umbrellas really are one of those products that have weaved their way into not just the lives of many – but into  cultural fabric.

They’re celebrating their love of wild weather, which they found a way to skilfully combine with their design mechanic to move into the future. So far, it’s done them well, resulting in what the future of the umbrella looks like – and it looks pretty good too.

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Blunt Umbrella THE F 1



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