Blogger files: Adam Gallagher, I Am Galla

One of NYC’s biggest menswear bloggers, Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla is a trendy stylist come blogger whose eye for what works together has shot him to international recognition.

I got the chance to have a chat with Adam and briefly touch on the whole blogging gammet…


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Why do you blog?

I enjoy it of course. I’ve been doing it for about four years now and for me, it’s a way of living.

How did you start?

It was a pass-time when I got home from school. I would upload my daily outfit on a site called then eventually it grew into something more on my very own blog.


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You’re in one way or another a ‘fashion blogger’ in the true sense of the gig, but what if anything (other than men’s fashion in general) do you like to focus on? Why?

I really enjoy creative direction, making editorials inspired by movies or books. I also love health and fitness. Cooking too. I have a variety of different passions.


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Tell me three of your favourite experiences as a fashion blogger so far.

I am humbled by all my readers I’ve obtained since the beginning, It’s really awesome to hear I’ve inspired them because in all reality, they inspire me to keep going too! so having dedicated readers is definitely the best for me! other than that I would have to say meeting other fashion bloggers who share the same passion as I do and of course attending all the beautiful events and fashion weeks.

Who inspires your sense of style?

I’m inspired by a handful of people really: Marlon Brando, James Dean, Frank Sinatra and more…

Shout out some of your favourite places to shop.

TopMan! Cheap Monday! All Saints!

What’s the best thing about American fashion, style and design?

Most of my pieces are European actually. I prefer the fits and designs over American! Sshh!

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

I look forward to business opportunities and growth, I firmly believe in evolving and moving forward! no matter what industry you’re in.

See Adam’s blog at

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