Blocktagon Kitchens Revealed

It’s the reveal we’ve all been waiting for. After weeks of watching bedrooms, bathrooms and studys spring to three-dimensional life, the luxury home-lovers among us can rejoice. The kitchens of the Blocktagon have been unveiled, and they’re even more impressive in the flesh. Following Sunday evening’s on-air kitchen exposure, we had special access to The Block’s most recent renovations.

Welcomed like dinner guests by the Blockheads themselves, wandering through each kitchen space was almost like indulging in a five course meal. Timelessness was a common thread, but it was the innovative details that set each kitchen apart. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s our layer-by-layer rundown of the Blocktagon’s freshest and most fundamental produce: the kitchens.


It’s very important to feel at home in a kitchen, and this is exactly how Kingi and Caro’s space presents. It’s professional yet industrial – and somehow cosy as well. Add to this the ‘hygiene’ factor, and you’ve got an engine room ready to host the most fastidious of cooks; Kingi’s hand-rendered bench top is finished with a zero-mould surfacing. But what really set this week’s winners apart is their interactive touch-screen splashback. The 32 inch monitor hovers above one of the kitchen’s many workspaces, so that recipes can be consulted while the cuisine is being chopped. It’s easy to see why anyone would want to prepare a feast in this practical yet polished space, but who do the aptly appointed ‘larrikins’ envision gathered around their island bench? “Maybe a couple of young doctors… working down the road at The Alfred,” laughs Kingi. Jokes aside, this kitchen is one for the buyer wanting both functionality and flair. Young professionals, watch this space.



Clean, white and bright were the words that met our mind upon walking into Andrew and Whitney’s kitchen. The only Melburnians in this season’s competition, the ‘sweethearts’ understand the importance of satisfying a local stomach in style. And although their decision to opt for retro appliances in a chic space had the judges divided, we believe the proud new owners of level two will be the type that appreciate a handsome vintage stove. That, and a replaceable herb garden, which Andrew suggests could double as a beer cooler, or condiments vessel. If you like a no fuss, contemporary aesthetic, but enjoy a hint of old-fashioned luxe, Andrew and Whitney’s light filled space could well and truly be your cup of tea.



Black is back, and just like its makers, the level three kitchen means business. Its opulent, sophisticated, and has a specific buyer in mind – something Suzy and Vonni have stipulated from the get-go. “The space is all about entertaining, it’s a grown ups kitchen,” muse the Gold Coast mums, who hope to hand their keys to clientele of “the South Yarra calibre.” It’s dark yet dramatic, and although scrutinized for ‘lacking soul,’ the space lends itself well to candlelit dinners and cocktail parties. Young buyers, we suggest continuing to the fourth floor. Romantics and high rollers, look no more.



The sibling’s early decision to remove existing walls proved a success at the kitchen reveal. The entire space boasts a real open-plan feel, allowing the kitchen to flow freely into the living quarters, guided by the “largest piece of stone” the duo could find. Luke and Ebony have definitely designed with a dedicated chef in mind; their monumental island bench and four ovens ensure both prep and cook time are maximised. And according to Luke, the sound system that extends throughout the apartment and into the kitchen “really cranks,” providing the perfect surround sound to any day spent slaving over the stove. Ebony’s artistic touch continues into the kitchen as well, with local artists Nikki Kriss and Katie McKinnon injecting the slightly traditional backdrop with an edgy air. We concur with the judges: Luke and Ebony’s kitchen completes a cohesive realisation of the entire apartment’s style.



The pair in the penthouse did not disappoint. All smiles and proud as punch to talk us through their final product, the couple with the kitchen closest to the sky certainly made the right decision the day they flipped their apartments designated spaces. Unlike the Blocktagon’s lower levels, Dean and Shay’s kitchen boasts a north-facing vista fit for a king. “The kitchen is the most lived-in room in the house,” Dean explains, “and we felt this deserved the view.” With afternoon sunlight drenching the kitchen’s airy interior, we won’t be surprised when the warm timber facades and copper detailing woo a wide range of bidders. They might not have taken this week’s cake, but they came very close to cutting the mustard. Could Dean and Shay be the ones that get away?


With only two room reveals remaining before auction day rolls around, it will be interesting to see how the kitchens catapult the contestants into the final weeks of renovations. Hungry for more? Visit the website to find out what this weeks menu of challenges and overhauls brings.

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