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Find your zen at Sydney’s best yoga Billabong Retreat

Sometimes you just need some paradise. Just a little bit of absolute, ‘someone else is going to be cooking for me?’, pristine, birdcalls 24/7, fairy lights up to your log cabin, dew on rose petals kind of paradise. Well, Billabong Eco-retreat is paradise with a capital ‘Hello Honey I’m Home To Stay.’

The gorgeous drive out of Sydney readies the mind for what’s to come; utter bliss. Winding away through Sydney’s northwest, the shoulders drop, the hands unclench and what’s this? Breathing comes steadily and purely. It’s about flippin’ time!

Complete with its utter snug isolation 45 minutes from Sydney, the Billabong Retreat has everything you need to unwind, recharge and rejuvenate from a hectic life. Nestled between the lush foliage of Australia’s native flora, the retreat borders around a natural billabong that lends its ancient sincerity to a wider aura of calm.

There is no place like it on earth, no matter where you stay on site, you are flanked on either side by ancient trees that usher in a slower and more measured pace of life.

Just walking through the little pathways between the cabins and main hall has the same affect as three glasses of wine without the aftermath. So we’re talking strong chillax vibes here. No one fibs around with wine comparisons.

The food is warm, wholesome and nutritious. Bowls of food that has come from a Nonna’s garden make the stomach say, ‘ah, now this, this is eating’. All vegetarian, organic and grown from this good earth of ours, the food is a vital step in bringing our bodies back into equilibrium, by supplying it with the purest and finest ingredients.

Meals are enriched through a talk by the chef, with their composition, the reasoning behind their benefit and ingredients base explained. The Billabong Retreat seeks to educate and assist as much as they want to heal and encourage.

The yoga classes are a wonder and delight to experience. Do not worry if you are more rigid than your child’s willpower, the classes are catered for all and sundry. Whatever class of bend and stretch you can manage can be utilised to bring about deep stretches and healthy breathing. With personalised help, each candidate is able to gain insight into their own body and how to pursue unique growth and stability.

The nutrition classes cover a wide range of topics that can easily be implemented in the home. From Kombucha (fermented tea) to milk kefir, kind and brilliant professionals teach the ways of the probiotics and you could almost hear the collective euphoria of all our stomachs. Hallelujah, gut health is life babes; gut health is life.

This retreat is it: serenity, health and rejuvenation are at its heart and if the thought of going lightly dances across your mind, you must go. Places like this are important and it’s likely you’ll treasure your time there, always.

See more and make bookings at the Billabong Yoga Retreat website here.

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