Big news for Laneway Festival after Mardi Gras at the Beresford Hotel Sydney this year

It’s Mardi Gras season in Sydney and that means so many things. Namely the glitter comes out, the hair gets bigger, the heels get higher, the clothes get tighter and the muscles get bigger, all if not for one reason alone; the Mardi Gras day parties after the big parade.

The social events of the calendar year for Sydney’s countless scene queens from both local and afar, the Beresford Laneway Festival, hosted by Merivale, is one of the events to go to for so many reasons.

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And if you thought previous years were good, then 2018 is going to blow your mind.

In 2018, the Beresford Hotel is teaming-up with the freshly reopened Flinders Hotel at the end of its renowned laneway to spread the cheer, love and festive party space for revellers, turning out good, gay times til the early hours of the morning.

Guests will be able to go between the venues to check out different DJs and surprise performances, and it opens up a bigger variety of eclectic spaces to party within throughout the day.

With drinks flowing and a fair chunk of Sydney’s LGBTIQ population and supporters, the Beresford Laneway Party on Sunday 4 March 2018 will be one to remember. From 2pm ’til 1am, see more at the Mardi Gras website here.



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