Better Quality Chocolate We Want To Eat Thanks To Nestle (Sponsored Post)

Never before would you think something as simple as chocolate in a moderately deprived part of the world could make you want to go and buy so much of it, you’d contract diabetes. That’s how you’re left feeling after watching the collaborative video piece that soccer legend from the West African Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba stars in thanks to Nestle.

Dider Drogba has a foundation aptly named the Didier Drogba Foundation that aims to provide support for the Ivorian people. He’s linked-up with Nestle and a travel blogger from ‘Fun For Louis Sake’ in a pretty inspirational awareness campaign around the good work that Nestle is doing in creating a 100% sustainable supply chain of cocoa from the Ivory Coast to their factories.

The Ivory Coast in Africa actually supplies the majority of the world with its cocoa production. When you think about it, it takes about one cocoa pod to produce one large sized Kit Kat by Nestle… big volumes, right? That’s why it’s so important for the likes of a global giant like Nestle to get down and dirty in providing better conditions, remuneration and environments for the people who at its foundation are the reason for its success. Brilliant work.

By teaming with the travel blogger, who looks like he’s travelled to many far-reaching aprt of the world and lived to tell the tale, you get a pretty authentic insight into how serious Nestle is about its sustainability.

This is a sponsored post by Nestle, but opinions are our own. 



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