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The best transit destinations you can hope for on an international trip

Do you curse those exhausting stopovers on the way to your holiday? Long haul flights are bad enough without having to spend hours in the airport crouching by a powerpoint, grumbling at the slow airport wifi and waiting for your connecting flight.

But, did you know, that not only are you allowed to spend a night (or five) in Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai, it’s encouraged. Many airlines have stopover packages available for their hub city. It’s a great way to visit a place you might not ordinarily consider and increase your country count at the same time.

Airlines will usually give one free stopover, while subsequent stopovers will be heavily discounted. For example, on the way to Europe, an Emirates flight can stop in Singapore and Dubai. You can have one free stop, not including airport taxes, and the second stop is only $50.

Here’s a list of places you can stop over en route to your next big holiday.

Flying to Europe you can travel with:

  • Cathay Pacific, stop in Hong Kong
  • Thai Airways, stop in Bangkok
  • Korean Air, stop in Seoul
  • Emirates, stop in Dubai
  • Vietnam Airlines, stop in Hanoi
  • Malaysian Airways, stop in Kuala Lumpur
  • Finnair, stop in Singapore and Helsinki

Flying to the USA, you can travel with:s

  • Air New Zealand, stop in Auckland
  • Fiji Airways, stop in Fiji

Let’s face it, travelling is exhausting, you might as well spend an extra couple of days on a beach in Fiji or Phuket after shopping in New York or pub-crawling in London.

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