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Best reasons to add the Kerala Backwaters to the top of your bucket list

You may not have heard of Kerala backwaters, in fact, you may not have heard of Kerala at all, but this state in Southern India holds the secret to one of the lushest experiences of your life.

With winding rivers and lagoons stretching over a whopping 1000 kms, water is an integral part of life in Kerala.

So integral actually, that living on the lapping tides is the way to go! House boats are very common along the backwaters, and rather than being refurbished dinghies, they’re sailing havens of luxury with air con, private chefs and plush day beds.

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We visited Contiki’s Southern India Escape Room this week and learned all about life on Kerala, but what truly shocked us was that this paradise had stayed hidden for so long.

When you think of India you think of chaotic streets, the Taj Mahal and dreaded Delhi belly, but that’s the North, and the South of the vast country is a whole different ball game (although FYI, they’re still massive cricket fans).

Southern India we learned is a slower paced scene, bursting with natural beauty and as we mentioned, stunning bamboo houseboats. We were taken on a 360 experience down the Kerala backwaters and it really was the most relaxing experience. Not a sound to be heard except the swish of the palm trees, the call of abundant birdlife and the occasional haunting prayer from the temples.

Blissful right? A private chef serving up fresh, traditional meals, maximum groups of six (because crowding ain’t calming) and the chance to put your feet up and relax in the home of Ayurveda massage? It’s little wonder Kerala has been called the Riviera of India.

If you’d like to visit Southern India and spend some time cruising the Kerala backwaters, Contiki’s new Southern India trip, Southern Spice, can take you there.

They’re also giving away two spots on their new trip to celebrate, all you have to do is tell them what the highlight of Southern India would be for you. Enter to WIN here.

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