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Best Nootropics for combating stress in winter

Suffering from pain around winter? Do you know chronic pain can be caused by stress and the psychological factors rather than actual injury? Scientists have reported that there is a genetic risk factor attributed to chronic pain after a stressful event indicating that mechanisms influencing chronic pain may be related to the stress response rather than the injury or traumatic event. If you suffer from chronic pain, stress can exacerbate emotional and physical pain. Stress as a burnout symptom can “kill” the brain. Stress can be insidious, building quietly. It can cloud the mind as well!

However, there are nootropics that can support the cognition you need especially in these high-pressure situations. Nootropics have many benefits for peak mental performance. It boosts brain power, productivity, lower stress level, increases productivity, and control pain levels during the colder months. Some of the three best nootropics that work in each unique way include:

  1. Rhodiola Rosea – An adaptogen herb that modulates the body’s responses to stress. It primes the body and mind for flight and fight and helps the body to adapt to all physical and mental stressors. By modulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis hormonal cascade, our stress responses are in check and acts as a brain protective antioxidant. Research has suggested Rhodiola Rosea can improve cognitive performance, especially concentration and reduce cortisol release in those with low energy levels.

    2. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – A nootropic precursor that synthesizes brain chemicals lowered by stress by encouraging multitasking and maintaining mental clarity under pressure. Stress unbalanced norepinephrines and dopamine in the brain. Under intense pressure, the brain consumes these chemicals to keep up. Lower levels of these catecholamines are linked to cognitive problems such as mood balance and attention. Depletion of these chemicals diminishes brain power creating more stress and triggering a downward spiral of mental performance.

    3. L-Theanine – The most important ability of L theanine is to relax and is found in green tea. It increases Alpha brain waves promoting a clear, calm yet wakeful mind. It helps settle agitated neurotransmitters, promote relaxing neurotransmitters, slow heart rates and lower stress chemicals in humans. Other benefits include:
    Ease nervousness due to caffeine consumption
    Provides clearer mental alertness compared to drinking coffee.
    Support restful sleep as a natural and effective sleep remedy.

    Why does cold weather affect pain? There is a change in barometric pressure; where lower pressure causes more aches and pains. Research is sparse and contradictory. However, by taking nootropics for stress, it increases your energy and motivation, which can be beneficial for your painful joints.

Other steps that can help to relieve the pain and stress during these cold months are:
– Dress warmly
– Layering
– Lose weight / exercise / diet
– Hydrate
– Exercise (inside!)
– Supplements
– Better footwear
– Supplements
– Over the counter painkillers
– Massage / Acupuncture

Nootropics for stress can be very beneficial for individuals who suffer from the above as it increases energy levels and motivation, and with more exercise and productivity, pain may decrease, and patients may feel better about themselves. Try the above tips out and see if it helps. Some tips are supported by scientific articles while are reported to be beneficial by other individuals who suffer the same predicament.

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