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Being a man is hard! Here’s how Scott Schuman the Sartorialist keeps it real

Being a guy and it being hard is officially a thing, dudes, so listen up.

There’s some global research out there, conducted by Braun, that shows it has become increasingly difficult for men to focus on the things that matter.

When everything feels like a priority, like looking and feeling good, career progression, relationships, friends and family, working out… the list goes on; it can be hard to find time and manage it all.

Apparently, over 50% of men feel that they are yet to find the right balance across the important areas of their life. Preach.

So, talking to men who’ve been there, done it all and smashed every element of it in the process, you tend to garner a few ideas on how to do life right for yourself now and into the future.

One such guy is Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist fashion voyeur online publication that is recognised and respected worldwide.

He dropped his story of success and, you have to admit, it’s kind of infectious.

Scott Schuman Sartorialist photographer

On starting The Sartorialist…

I left my position as fashion director at my showroom after 9/11 to take care of my daughters. Business was too tough and people weren’t paying the bills. Our nanny then left to go back to Ecuador and never came back, so without really choosing, I became a stay-at-home dad for a little while. But I loved it. I started to take pictures – I’d never taken pictures before and I was in my mid-early 30s.

Once I started shooting, I realised how much I enjoyed photography and thought I could find something unique if I blended what I knew about fashion with photography.

By coincidence, that was also the time that blogs were really starting out and it was something inexpensive. It wasn’t really going to really cost any money if I shared the photographs online, with my point of view and that’s how The Sartorialist was born.

Scott Schuman Sartorialist street style

On how style has evolved…

The concept of street style has influenced the fashion world – as seen through blogs or social media. Before street style became important we just had models– there wasn’t much variation in age or cultural diversity in the images portrayed of men. With street style, they are real guys of all different sizes, ages and nationalities.

Now some of the most well-known men in street style are in their 50s, 40s or 20s. That is what influences magazines and consumers as they find guys to relate to in a very direct way.

On maintaining a good sense of style…

A good sense of style is down to an interesting individual who is willing to take more chances. There is a big difference between guys that dress head to toe in one look off the runway and guys who mix it up and make it theirs – a world of difference between the two. Personalising is the core of style.

On Australian style…

Australian style can look like a mix of American and English. There are lots of places that don’t have that particular style. I think it’s less about a national style and more of an individual look because a great national style is made up of interesting individuals that are willing to take more chances.

A place like Sydney reminds me a bit of Chicago – they want to feel like they are playing on an international scale which can often go a little over the top, but it’s very nice. The people are very nice, it’s pretty and very stylish, but there aren’t many surprises. It would be nice to see some surprises!

On grooming…

Grooming is an important ritual for me and technology makes it easier, faster and more efficient. I don’t know many guys who look at the act of grooming as something they want to spend lot of time doing, therefore the smarter and more efficient the technology, the happier most guys are. Braun’s AutoSense technology in the Series 9, 7 and 5 range reads your beard density and continually adjusts and adapts its power accordingly to give you the ultimate, efficient shave.

Scott Schuman Sartorialist shaving

On improving your daily routine…

Men should make slight adjustments to their daily routine to make all the difference – it’s a mind shift to think smart and a tech shift to find the gadgets that help you get ahead of a busy day.

On finding inspiration…

I get inspiration from a lot of books. I buy a lot of books – photography books, travel and cook books. I try to put myself in a place of the viewer, I love books and looking at images. A lot of the time I look at books and pay attention to how they make me feel and what they make me think about and then when I am shooting, how my pictures will move the audience.

On shooting around the world…

There is still a real nationalism from people where they are proud of where they are from. At the same time, there is a common thread that runs through everybody where even if I am in a place that feels very different, at the core people are very similar and for the most part, generally good people.

Braun shaver

*Research conducted by Braun as part of the Designed For What Matters campaign in 2017



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