Beer DeLuxe, Federation Square

At first glance, it’s not the first place in Melbourne you’d think I would venture.

Sit me down for an hour, though and I didn’t want to leave.

Beer DeLuxe is one of those unsung heroes of the food and beverage industry. Up until coming across their massive spread at Melbourne’s Federation Square, right in the heart of the city, I hadn’t heard of it – not being a big beer drinker. Having now discovered it, I can’t imagine not having it as an option.

Their huge space, modest but rustic decor, complete with fresh-from-the-brewery Carlton Draught vats, bar tables, group benches and modestly decked-out dining tables, Beer DeLuxe in Federation Square is one of the most welcoming and easy-to-fit-into gastro-pubs in Melbourne.

Their menu is massive, their drinks menu is even more so, and their wait staff are as knowledgeable in how to pair the two so perfectly you’d think you’re in for a five star dining experience.

With a welcome spread of Australian beers – a focus of Beer DeLuxe – the menu can be slowly but surely explored. Whether it’s a Taxi beer from Geelong, a passionfruit infused ale by Stone & Wood or a Beechworth beer from – you guessed it – Beechworth, the offering is incredibly diverse.

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Lime caramel glazed┬ápork belly in a small dish, large enough to satisfy the curiosity of a table of four is on the menu at Beer DeLuxe and perfect for the appetite that’s willing to try a few things. When paired with a chocolate inspired brew that looks and smells similar to stout to counteract the sweetness, your tongue has never tasted such a combination.

Beer DeLuxe Federation Square 2

Beer DeLuxe’s tuna tataki with ginger soy and pickled beetroot is a light, cleansing and wholesomely flavoured dish for four, perfectly counteracting the sweetness of the pork belly and heavy richness of the accompanying beers.

With a wide array of influence in their menu, Beer DeLuxe has all manner of appetites covered. Whether it’s beef and chicken sliders, lamb and goats cheese sausage rolls on a bed of betroot relish or outstanding lamb ribs coated in zatar crumbs on Greek yoghurt, they have their guests covered.

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It makes sense that weekends and summer days see the busiest times of the year for the venue, bringing-in countless bodies to their grounds to make the most of their on-tap Australian beers and deep range of other ales that range from as safe as Carlton Draught to as adventurous as half wine-half-beer hybrids.

The venue tends to find itself playing host to some of the busiest events and happenings in Melbourne during the city’s sporting seasons. Soccer crowds, football crowds, gallery guests, movie aficionados and corporate types all visit to try the best of what Beer DeLuxe has to offer at what is a brilliantly affordable price.

See more about them at their website (WWW).

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