Wax your beard? Do it like a Viking

If you watch and love the show Vikings TV series, you’ll love the merch and this latest drop of it is equal parts as interesting as it is handy.

Fox has partnered with Milkman Grooming Co to create a limited-edition Vikings infused Vax packaging and it smells nice, while also taming your pre-civilisation vibes beard.

Inspired by the ancient kingdom and the show’s core themes of vengeance, lust and thrilling conquests, the Milkman Grooming Co has created unique packaging to support the partnership for their existing and daring product, that brings oceanic and battlefield fragrances to men’s sock draws and bathroom counters.

Heavily influenced by the series, they has ensured every aspect of the design of the packaging is cool to look at, incorporating clever historical references, themes and scents reminiscent of the Viking age.

Vikings Season 4 Volume 2 is out now on Blu-ray & DVD.

Check it out here.

Vikings beard wax

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