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From the beach to the gym, Toska Active towels have you sorted

Regardless of whether spin classes, HIIT classes, barre classes or any other sort of general activity is your thing, you’re gonna get sweaty.

So keeping clean, dry and ready-to-go afterwards is pretty paramount to do that whole beach-to-bar thing in spring and summer, right? Especially with the prime beach season edging and nearer on the horizon.

The latest towel action by Toska Active, a new venture that is taking-on the world of activewear and its accessories, is exactly the thing to sort you out as you embark on all the physical and aquatic activities, with their latest microfibre towel.

Sunset picnic with the Baby Pink ??? • •

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Inspired by springtime prints and bright, fun and colourful elements of activewear that drive you to keep going (so they say), the Toska Active range of towels are equal parts practical as they are pretty.

Comprising polyester and viscose, machine washable and at a compact-yet-useable 170cm x 30cm (moderately smaller than an average beach towel), they’re the ‘grab-n-go’ type towel when you’re rushing out of the office to snag the last F45 session… or whatever.

The towels come in four pretty easy-to-coordinate colourways, perfect for the sunshine times of spring and summer: pink, blue, white and key lime green, so there’s no reason you can’t make your gym look that much more cohesive.

Plus, they dry six-times fast than your average, so you can literally be drenched by the end of exercise and it’s not a thing.

See more and get your own from Toska Active’s website.

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