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Bea at Barangaroo House is open in Sydney and people are loving it

Matt Moran has opened his new restaurant, Bea, on the middle floor of the new Barangaroo House in Sydney and it’s all kinds of great.

In a 180-seat strong offering to the newly developed and as-good-as-done billion dollar development that is Barangaroo, the House of Barangaroo is a three-tiered haven of gastronomic fancy that people the city-over will love.

Barangaroo House Bea asparagus

Headed by Melburnian chef Cory Campbell, Bea offers Matt Moran’s latest creations in a stylish and contemporary setting.

The menu is all about seasonal, native ingredients with seafood, meat and vegetable share platters.

Barangaroo House Bea bone marrows

For those who are a little more red-blooded than others, the menu offers a reimagined steak tartare; seared kingfish rolled in burnt leek ash with an oyster emulsion; and eye fillet rolled in powdered, dried native fruits.”

Bea offers fine dining with a casual, trendy atmosphere, making the most of chef Campbell’s experiences from Copenhagen’s Noma and Melbourne’s Vu de Monde.

Barangaroo House Bea carpaccio

Bea is visually as striking as the menu is delicious, working with custom-built wooden staircase, timber and leather table tops and there’s even a crescent-shaped, brass table to honour the organic shape of the building and hand-glazed ceramic plates by Robert Gordon.

Barangaroo House Bea fish

If all that’s not enough, Bea sits on the middle level of the establishment, underneath Chef Matt Moran’s cocktail bar, Smoke.

See more about Bea restaurant here.

Barangaroo House Bea food

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