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The BBQ buyer’s guide – Tasty tips for finding the perfect grill

While it may seem peculiar to residents of the northern hemisphere, Christmas in Australia is a time of sunshine, swimming and, yes, a bit of outdoor cooking. For those that are looking to put on the perfect Christmas celebration, having a barbecue that is up to the test is an absolute must. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a mouthwatering list of things to consider when trying to find the grandest grill that money can buy.

Getting a taste for it 

While your initial impression of barbecue-buying may be that each variety is, essentially, exactly the same, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding on your type of burner:


A newer alternative to the traditional grilling experience, the infrared BBQ looks to blend the intensity of charcoal with the convenient temperature control of gas. Although you may not necessarily find these in every barbecue store quite yet, they are certainly a worthy addition to the cooking article of those that are truly passionate about outdoor cooking.


Known as the efficient choice when pitted against its charcoal alternative, gas BBQs allow for a considerable amount of versatility when trying to get the ultimate grilling experience. Gas systems offer easy adjustment of temperature, making them the perfect choice for more complicated or temperamental dishes such as vegetables and pizza.


While a charcoal BBQ doesn’t necessarily have the same ease-of-use as a gas system, it’s hard to deny the delicious, smoky taste that you can only get from grilling meat over a charcoal pit. Although complex dishes that require changes in temperature will be more difficult, for those of you that just enjoy a fantastic steak or burger, charcoal is definitely a worthy option.

The significance of size 

Despite what the old cliches may say, size really does matter when it comes to a barbecue setup. With that said, the larger option isn’t always the best one, depending on how much space is available to you. Barbecues are large at the best of times, so you should take your patio space into consideration when deciding on a model.

Additionally, while an enormous grill will certainly get you through a 30+ person get-together, how often is that ability really going to come in handy? If your usual repertoire involves small soires and intimate outdoor meals, a more minimal approach to your barbecue buying will be more than satisfactory.

Gauging your grates

One of the less-considered components of a barbecue, a good grate will be better at holding and capturing heat than its cheaper counterparts. Higher-end models will boast rust-resistant stainless steel, while cheaper alternatives will usually feature cast iron or wire with a porcelain coating.

There is always more to consider when finding the ideal BBQ for your needs. However, by reading this article, you’ve already taken your first step in finding the grandest grill for your outdoor festivities this holiday season. Good luck and happy hunting!

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