The Barnaby Sock Look

There aren’t many people out there who stake their claim on creating memorable and wickedly stylish pieces of clothing that for the most part no one sees.

I’m talking about socks and when it comes to them, no one does it quite as seemingly elegantly as Barnaby socks.

Born from the necessity they all hold in our lives, what they offer to the drab corporate wardrobes and excitable young wardrobes of men from all walks of like is pretty self-explanatory: something new.

Curious about what makes their mind tick, I had a chat with the guys behind it all…

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Why socks?

Socks are a key part of our lives. Apart from underwear, socks are the most commonly used item of clothing. There is nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of socks.

Please share with me some anecdotes you might have about what spurred on the creation of your sock label?

We identified a gap in the market for high quality and affordable men’s socks with cool designs.  We wear socks every day and with statement socks trending at the moment, it was the perfect opportunity to launch Barnaby.

Innovation is not something you would associate with socks. However, being big fans of innovation, we wanted to turn a simple product into something more exciting. Enter the button. Each pair of Barnaby socks has a button to help keep them together.

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It’s true everyone needs a pair of quality socks. What’s the added benefit of having them as eye catching as many of yours are?

Our socks allow men to add a little bit of character and personality to an otherwise staple outfit. It can pick up a casual outfit or dress down a formal look.  Average socks are dull and boring whereas statement socks have colours and patterns to help provide an outlet of expression.

What sets Barnaby apart from the other competitors out there?

The quality, the button and the designs set us apart from the rest. Barnaby aims to be a brand that uses a socially and environmentally transparent business model. Buying Barnaby socks is more of an experience than buying your average socks.

Barnaby is also giving back to the community by partnering with charity organisations like YGAP (Y Generation against Poverty). We thought if people really needed a motivation to wear colourful socks, supporting a charity is a pretty good reason.

What inspired the name ‘Barnaby’?

We wanted to create a brand that was elegant, fun and sophisticated. The name Barnaby is a name we came across that we believe comprises these elements. A cool name for a cool brand.

Gentlemanly sensibilities are becoming more and more popular these days. Do you think a quality pair of socks really amps-up the suave capabilities of a gent?

For sure – men these days are putting more effort into every detail of their look. A quality pair of socks can turn a run of the mill outfit into a winner. It helps add that little bit extra to an already well-styled outfit. The last thing you want to do is ruin the perfect look with a pair of boring and hideous pair of black socks. No one wants to be that guy.

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