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For the creativity it takes to have the bravery to mix ballet, contemporary and hip-hop dance, you admire them; for the off timing and Rock Eisteddfod feel of the execution, it’s a bit harder.

On a cold Melbourne winter’s night, the heat of ballet and the passion of contemporary dance in the Cuban rendition that was Ballet Revolución’s opening night was warm enough to melt the chill that lingered in the air.

Exploring the inimitable relationships of humans and the fun with which one can have with them alongside masterful manipulation of the human body, Ballet Revolución took to the stage to turn out what was an impactful, albeit reminiscent in atmosphere rendition of contemporary dance.

Though the high-intensity dance moves, fluidity of rhythm and impressive backing by Osmar Salazar Hernandez’ musical direction through a live band on stage were all a marvel to behold, celebrating the great feats of the malleability of limbs, a stern whip could have easily been cracked at the dancer’s uncomfortably off timing and distinct lack of unison. So the risks run with a dance troupe of 20 or more.

The Ballet Revolución segments featured an effortless mix of what was a fusion of ballet, hip-hop and contemporary dance all with a Latin American undertone, most evident at the beginning of the performance. For those with a penchant for South American dance genres and music, the show’s Cuban element goes insofar as the dancer’s Cuban heritage.

Together, the troupe pushes the boundaries of what is considered natural within the remit of each dance style, which is as admirable as it is stirring. It’s the Cuban way of dance. However they fall centimetres short of just quite hitting-the-mark on any, all the while to the tune of top 40 pop songs from the past decade.

Dancer Lianett Rodriguez Gonzalez said, “Mastering the mixing of contemporary dance and ballet dance seems to be a challenge at first. In my case it is really my body which is the mixer, thanks to our training my body naturally mixes the two and it is a great think to witness and be conscious of.”

Though as exciting as it might be to dance to, there is something oddly unbefitting of the elegance and grace of ballet combined with the raw sexually-charged club tracks of Usher and J Lo; Ballet Revolución is designed to be a revolution, though, so it is to be embraced.

The dancers relate well to the stage, music and clashing of dance styles in an impressively nimble way and impress with their leaps, pirouettes and story-telling.

“Melbourne is a very special city in Australia, it has a lot of character, it is definitely a stop for major productions when they tour the world, it makes its audience more knowledgeable so it is a bigger challenge for us. The stage of the State Theatre is one of the best we had the luck to be performing on. Being comfortable on a stage allows for us to express even more and share with the audience. It is definitely a stop we all look forward to,” said Gonzalez.

Ballet Revolución is in Melbourne til 7 July before heading north to Brisbane. Buy tickets here.

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