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Brunch in Sydney is better at Bake Bar

Bake Bar do their own everything. They bake, they brew, they embellish and they benefit each community any of their cafes are located in, and for good reason.

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They’s big and bustling, always with the ovens on and hungry mouths to feed from a menu that is equal parts adventurous as it is within the mainstays that keep the hordes of people coming back again and again for more.

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With three locations under their belt, it’s a small-run operation that has proven big in output. From their eat-in and takeaway menu, fresh-baked bread daily and barista-made coffee, they offer something that each stores’ location in Randwick, Alexandria and Double Bay don’t already have a quality offering of enough.

Their standard fare of brunch options like eggs benedict and croissants are improved upon by offering super trendy shakshuka meals with fresh-baked sourdough. Throw sweet treats on top of that, of which they offer gluten-free for those with intolerances, they clearly cover all bases and well.

See more about them at their website.

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