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Got a bad back? WIN the ultimate foam roller

Back problems afflict more Australians than you can poke a stick at and they’re not a pleasant thing to live with. Just ask anyone with them.

Estimates 2014–15 National Health Survey show about 3.7 million Australians (16% of the population) have back problems. It is estimated that 70–90% of people will suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives.

They include:

  • pain in the lower, middle and upper back caused by a range of injuries and conditions
  • pain including tingling, numbness and weakness in the legs that starts from the lower back
  • narrowing in the canal of the spine through which the spinal cord passes
  • degeneration of the spine caused by wear and tear on the joints
  • pressure on a segment of the spinal nerve attached to the spinal cord
  • neck pain/stiff neck caused by disc degeneration.

How do you fix it?

Well, you can’t really but you can invest in tools that make life a bit more liveable, like winning your own Togu foam roller, compliments of, valued at $61.95.

Togu black foam roller

How to win?

Enter your details into the form below. Simple!

Winners will be drawn at 11;59pm est on Saturday 2 September 2017.

Good luck!

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