A/W Men’s Style: Godwin Charli

If there’s one thing we can all use, it’s more men’s retailers.

Godwin Charli is one, whose reputation for quality fabrics, styles, fits and overall looks a man who knows what’s up cannot go past.

The baby of Melbourne designer and businessman Godwin Hili, Godwin Charli is a welcome star in men’s retail and style offerings with a fair price point, fair range of options and offerings for women to boot.

I got a chance to have a chat with the man behind the brand. Here’s what he had to say…

Why did you get into men’s retail and design?

From a very young age I was always fussy about well-fitted clothing having grown up with a dress-maker mother. I loved the aura of the fashion industry and enjoyed styling and making men and women look their best so I wanted a creative career and wanted to live a creative lifestyle.

Obviously part of your brand’s name came from your own. Who is the ‘Charli’?

‘Charli’ represents two crucial components of the brand; Firstly, I derived most of my early fashion influences from my father’s old wardrobe, mixing and matching, altering and tailoring vintage pieces that he grew up wearing – his name is Charles or otherwise know as Charlie amongst family and friends.

So my earliest influence and exploration of dressing would have to be from him. Secondly, I design womenswear and wanted to reflect this in the brand, hence the adaptation of my father’s name in to a feminine version – Charli. It’s funny how new acquaintances sometimes refer to me as Mr. Charli, it makes me smile, because I kinda like it.

From your perspective, where do men fall short when it comes to looking good?

I would say the simple things let some men down. When it comes to getting dressed, so many men overlook tailoring 101: attention to trouser and sleeve hem lengths. Secondly they need a well fitted shirt that’s not too tight, doesn’t pull and flatters the chest, arm length and body as well as the right shoes. You’ve heard the adage that says that shoes complete the outfit. Take heed!

Tell me your favourite aspect of men’s clothing and design.

I love the reaction to the perfect look and fit, either from a customer’s peers or loved ones. Making people feel good is all this is about. I want my customers to love what they wear irrespective of whether it’s for work or play.

What are some ‘key pieces’ in a man’s wardrobe you can’t go past?

It’s all about keeping it classic and simple:

–       A tailored jacket in Navy or Black

–       The perfectly fitted white shirt to be worn open collar or closed with a tie

–       The perfect pair of denim that is right for your shape

–       A pair of black dress shoes and a smart casual pair of brown shoes

How does Godwin Charli fit into the men’s fashion and style offering in Melbourne?

My strongest influences stem from the time I spend in London, Paris and Milan each year. The Godwin Charli Man is confident yet understated. His silhouette is defined by well-fitted garments and exquisite fabrics. I love the charm of the British, the classic form of the Parisians and the bravado of the Italians. With such a melting pot of cultures in Melbourne I believe Godwin Charli slips neatly into our inherited culture and creative landscape.

What does the future hold for Godwin Charli?

I would love to cement the brand as the premier tailored fashion destination in Australia for men and women without loosing sight of what makes the brand boutique and unique. I would love to extend the Godwin Charli experience to other parts of Australia and potentially overseas. At the end of the day, as long as I continue my love affair with tailored fashion and working with amazing people, who knows where the brand will take us…

Godwin Charli

Godwin Charli

Godwin Charli

Godwin Charli

Photography: Vlad Savin – vladsavin.com.au

Stylist: Iyan Difuntorum – facebook.com/iydstyle

Hair and MUA: Campbell Ritchie – campbellritchie.com

Model: James Stephens, independent

Special thanks to Godwin Hili of Godwin Charli for clothing and MINI Australia for props.


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