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How to eat for autumn according to Brick Lane chef, Joey Ingram

Summer’s over. Gone are the backyard barbecues, beach sessions and fresh, light, ‘summertime vibes’ menus we’ve learnt to love over the past three months as the weather changes and so to do the food offerings in our favourite restaurants.

There’s sometimes a stark difference between what goes on in the kitchen when the sun’s pelting down, versus the goings-on when rain and hail takes its place and it’s only when talking to the chef at sensational Sydney restaurant, Brick Lane, Joey Inrgam; you realise just what they are…

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We’re almost through summer, which means a change of the way we dress and the way we eat! How do you prepare for this?

I don’t tend to prepare for change in season, to be honest. I think that our wonderful climate in Australia really allows for our seasons to overlap and for many things to be available all year round. When it comes to a new season, it is not uncommon to start to see a gradual change in available produce and I love being able to buy new things as they trickle into the market.

What do you notice are the five main differences between summertime and autumnal cuisine?

I don’t know that I’ve ever really made a list of the differences, but definitely the two things that spring to mind is the way that a lot of us eat in summer – outside, later in evening, with more people – and the abundance of stonefruit available. People tend to move toward salads and simply cooked meats and fish over the summer. As autumn becomes a little colder I imagine people start to crave warmer, heartier meals at home. On the plus side, autumn is when you can make quince and rhubarb crumble, so y’know, swings and roundabouts.

Do you find the demands for a different kind of food are more stark in the change of season?

Simply put, no – but only because I think that there is never a time of year when people’s desire of different kinds of food are stark. Most people (that I know and feed) are very enthusiastic when it comes to new and different foods and everybody can get a little bit of what they want in a city with such a rich food culture.

What are you top five must-eats for the cooler months?

Roast chicken, A rich Indian curry, seafood (most of Australia’s pristine seafood is at its peak in the cooler months), any kind of crumble or steamed pudding and porridge in the morning with brown sugar.

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