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How to eat through autumn according to the Papi Chulo

Moving into autumn, it all changes. The way we dress and what we eat take a turn and none of it’s bad!

We spoke to Patrick Friesen the executive chef at Papi Chulo in Manly about what’s good for the season and you’ll agree…

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We’re almost through summer, which means a change of the way we dress and the way we eat! How do you prepare for this?

The cooler weather means that I generally still wear shorts, but time to layer up on top. Buttons and collars and jackets take the place of tees and boardies. But we live on the northern beaches so its always pretty chill.

What do you notice are the five main differences between summertime and autumnal cuisine?

Tropical fruits start to become scarce and it’s time to embrace plums, peaches and pumpkin. We move away from the bbq and start to braise some bigger cuts. Cravings for comfort take over.

Do you find the demands for a different kind of food are more stark in the change of season? 

People start to shift on the cooler rainy days. At Queen Chow we have put on a curry brisket hot pot and as soon as it rains, we sell out.

What are you top five must-eats for the cooler months?

Noodle soups, grilled steaks, potato everything, braised dishes, hot pot.

What’s the benefit to eating heavier, heartier meals during the cooler months? 

It nourishes the soul as well as the stomach.

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