Bellobox autumn THE F

The autumn Bellobox is here and you need it

Bellobox is the dude’s version of the original Bellabox seasonal delivery to those who care about the quality of their body from season-to-season. And now that we’re going into winter, their latest instalment is out!

The autumn Bellobox is a delivery drop of everything a guy needs to keep his stuff together this winter in terms of skin, grooming and bodily care. It’s kind of vital when you think about it like that.

What sets Bellobox apart from any other service out there like it is that it’s especially curated to bring you a seasonally-sized portion of everything you need to keep yourself looking presentable.

Think moisturiser, hair products, body washes and sanity bits and pieces like handwipes and such, they think about the major shortfalls of men in the grooming department, compile it all, stick it in a box and send it you to for a small seasonal fee.

The autumn drop contains a whole lot of good:

  • Batiste dry shampoo
  • Neon & Co hair and scalp mask
  • USPA Supernatural Men sandalwood cleanser and azulene shave cream
  • Trishave 3-in-1 moisturising lotion
  • KMS Hair Play moulding paste

Find out more about the autumn Bellobox right here.


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