Betting On The Australian Open *Just* Got That Much Easier With Unibet (Sponsored Post)

With the Australian Open on, the temperature rising and the tensions along with it as to who will emerge victorious from the country’s biggest grand slam tournament of each year, there’s no wonder this competition is one of the most fiercely watched yet. Why not try to make some money off it?


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Unibet has cottoned-on to this and made its app that much easier and more practical to use for punters of all walks of life. From the regular run-of-the-mill uni student after a few bucks for after-class beers or the heavily seasoned professional punter, it’s on the money when it comes to stats, likelihoods and the fact that Luck Is No Coincidence.

There’s a lot of talk about gambling in this day-and-age, but Unibet’s promotion of safe practises and responsibility encourage the occasional punt for the enjoyment of it. Couple that with a sport as easy to love as tennis and you’re good to go! Bets thing about them, though, is that Unibet is not just confined to tennis; with all the sports on offer, you’re spoilt for choice and have a greater chance of winning!

Given it a shot? Try it now and remember to gamble responsibly! See more here.


Magic #Murray marches to his 7th consecutive #ausopen #QF. Can he go all the way? #tennis #atp

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