Club Aperol Australian Open THE F

The drink of champions at this year’s Australian Open

Sure, when you’re an athlete, alcohol isn’t your friend, but when Aperol decides it’ll be the drinks go-to for Australian Open guests, you’ll likely make an exception.

Once again, it is Australia’s drink of the summer season and this year has partnered-up with Tennis Australia to become the official aperitif for the tennis fest.

An Aperol bottle and tennis racquet

The orange of the brand and logos, fresh orange flavours and twists and easy-to-drink element of anything it’s paired with make it the perfect contrast to the blue of the Aus Open and the heat of the Australian summer.

It’ll be available in the perpetually popular ‘Club Aperol’ that takes-over cities all summer long. Just look for the orange from 16-28 January.

Two people clinking glasses filled with Aperol







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